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New substitutes‘ benches for SC Paderborn’s Benteler Arena

After a tremendous first half of the season, SC Paderborn’s players deserved a bit of luxury, which was delivered in the form of new substitutes’ benches at the Club’s Benteler Arena, provided by STECHERT Group.

The benches were installed during the winter break and consist of STECHERT’s VIP-seat model range, ‘HAMBURG‘, which have been installed on a beam. With its integrated seat-heating system, these seats will keep both the players and staff warm, even when there are arctic temperatures, which will hopefully also create an on-field advantage.

With their classic design and the high-class workmanship of the SCP-logo that adorns the front of the seats, the benches are aesthetically-pleasing too.

Since 2008, the STECHERT Group has installed about 5,000 shell-seats, 700 VIP-seats and many reporter and commentator seats at Benteler Arena. And, due to the success of SC Paderborn (SCP) on the field, even more reporter and commentator seats were installed in 2014 to meet with the Bundesliga’s requirements.

Images courtesy: STECHERT Group

Images courtesy: STECHERT Group