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New technology showcased at Amsterdam Arena

The latest state-of-the-art audio and lighting technology has come under the spotlight at the Amsterdam Arena.

The home of Ajax Football Club has had new d&b audiotechnik technology and LED lighting from Philips installed.

The technologies were paired in a stunning son-et-lumiere show to give a flavour of what the club’s fans and concert goers can now enjoy.

Launching the show, Henk Markerink, CEO of Amsterdam Arena, said:

This is a new step in our history. We opened 20 years ago as one of the first really multi-functional arenas for sports, leisure and entertainment and our vision and goal has always been to stay ahead in the business and be one of the best venues in the world.

We have been investing non-stop and with this last investment we can say we have reached the top level of entertainment.

Speaking about the audio technology, Amnon Harman CEO of d&b audiotechnik added:

What we recognise as a manufacturer for audio systems is that the stadium market is changing. Requests for higher quality and higher performance are increasing.

There is more and more a tendency to build multi-purpose stadiums and to bring more business into them and to use them more. The aim is to keep people in the stadium for longer so that they can consume more. Based on this trend we need to offer more services and to offer higher quality lighting, video and sound.

Harman said 216 loudspeakers have been installed at the Amsterdam Arena in 16 arrays with 54 amplifiers. The arrays can be turned so they can be used in combination with equipment brought in for performances to give concert quality in a sports arena. He added:

At d&B we have a mission to accurately transfer the passion from the stage to the audience, and based on that principal we have a desire that everybody, no matter which seat they are sitting in has the same experience of sound.

We do this in two ways. We are a system manufacturer, so we offer an integrated system of software, amplifiers and loudspeakers so we can ensure a high performance of the system on any occasion. The second thing is we apply additional technologies every year, software predominantly. We have installed software here called array processing, which has been installed for the first time in the Amsterdam Arena.

Maarten Vernooij, marketing director at Philips Lighting, added:

We have been partners here for over 20 years but in the last few months we have been establishing a revolutionary lighting system and the Amsterdam Arena team has been pushing us to go an extra mile.

The light is the best light you can get today for soccer stadiums – elite class light. Here we can host Champions League finals and World Cup finals but what is really unique is the fact we have integrated the standard lighting with coloured lighting, which will create an integrated possibility to enhance the experience before and after the match. This is only the start I would say. We have committed ourselves to bring great innovation to the stadium in terms of crowd control and fan experience optimisation.