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Nikken Sekkei teams up with Zaha Hadid Architects on New National Stadium design & build competition

It has been announced that Nikken Sekkei is to team up with Zaha Hadid Architects to submit a proposal for Japan’s New National Stadium design & build competition.

A representative from Nikken Sekkei said:

On 1 September, the New National Stadium’s new Design and Build competition was announced with a much shorter design and construction schedule. While the new selection criteria and scoring system places greater emphasis on costs and construction term, it also requires the delivery of a stadium that is celebrated not only by all Japanese, but also all athletes, spectators and people around the world. Therefore the highest standards of architectural planning and design are essential, in addition to the detailed considerations of the stadium’s cost and construction delivery schedule.

From May 2013, Nikken Sekkei, the leading architecture and engineering company in Japan, worked on the New National Stadium as part of the design joint venture (comprising Nikken Sekkei, Azusa Sekkei, Nihon Sekkei, and Ove Arup & Partners Japan, where Nikken led the team and was also responsible for the structural engineering design). This team completed the Framework Design, Schematic Design and detailed Design Development stages of the Stadium project, working with Zaha Hadid Architects as Design Supervisor at each stage.

During this design process, the team has spent a tremendous amount of time on a very comprehensive analysis of the unique characteristics of this sensitive site, as well as the most efficient planning for athletes, spectators and the Stadium’s long-term management operations. Detailed plans to optimize safety, comfort, and integration with surrounding natural environment, have been fully developed, which include in-depth discussions with all local authorities; resulting in over 4,000 drawings of detailed Design Development. It is technically ready to start construction.

We believe the best way to respond to the new brief is to maximize the use of the expertise gained by the design team over the past two years. Our company is certain that retaining the team of Design Supervisor and Designers can deliver the best National Stadium and we have invited Zaha Hadid Architects to join the design team. Applying this knowledge and experience of the project, this team can further develop the design to the new brief as a cost-effective proposal to realize the world’s best National Stadium. 

 A representative from Zaha Hadid said:

Our team in Japan and the UK have worked closely with Nikken Sekkei to develop a design for the New National Stadium for Japan that meets the Government’s core principles and it is an honour to be invited by Nikken Sekkei to progress the design together to the revised technical brief.

Building on the two years of work and knowledge in which the Japanese people have invested, Zaha Hadid Architects and Nikken Sekkei are able to quickly develop a comprehensive, fully costed design and, in partnership with a committed construction contractor, the most cost-effective delivery plan that ensures the New National Stadium is ready in good time for the preparations ahead of Tokyo 2020.


A short summary of the video presentation of the existing design can be downloaded at: (Japanese version) and at: (English version)