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London Olympic Stadium wrap recycled

The Stadium Wrap which adorned the London Olympic stadium is now serving a variety of purposes, according the supplier Dow. In June Dow concluded the installation of shades at the Bola Pra Frente (moving the ball forward) Institute, a social project that benefits hundreds of kids and teenagers at the Muquiço community, in Guadalupe, Rio de Janeiro.

Panels have been installed as shades at the Institute’s headquarters to increase the available space for outdoor activities. This project was completed in partnership with ES Global, a worldwide expert company that joined forces with Dow for the wrap’s post-game reuse plan. The installation also offered an opportunity to provide training and work to eight young people in the Muquiço Community.

George Hamilton, Vice President, Dow Olympic Operations, said:

The opportunity to bring one of our company’s key innovations from the London 2012 Olympic Games to Bola Pra Frente, a social project located at the next Olympic Host City, emphasises Dow’s commitment to the Olympic Games and to Rio de Janeiro.

An organisation dedicated to the education and social inclusion of children exposed to the hardships of civil war in Uganda, Africa, will also receive panels for a similar purpose later this year. The remaining panels have been allocated for recycling and reuse by British company Axion Recycling. The recycled material will be used as material for packaging, flooring and building applications. These programmes fulfil Dow’s commitment to LOCOG on the post-Games usage of the Wrap.