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Opportunity knocks for Lima 2019 Pan American Games

Sports infrastructure opportunities have arisen following the signing of a UK-Peru inter-governmental deal for the UK to assist Peru with the organisation and delivery of the Pan American Games to be held in Lima in 2019.

As part of this assistance, the UK has been helping Lima 2019 get to the point where it could launch its infrastructure programme.

This was achieved recently and eight main infrastructure projects for permanent sports facilities have been announced.

Pan American Village – Villa El Salvador (Pre-Qualification – late July; award 11 September).

Sports Centre Cluster 1 – Callao  (Pre-Qualification – Mid/late August – Mid September;  Tender Process – End September – Early November; Award – Mid November).

Sports Centre Cluster 2 – Villa Maria del Triunfo (Pre-Qualification – End August – Mid/end September;  Tender Process – Beginning October – Mid November; Award – Mid/End November).

Equestrian Venue – La Molina (Pre-Qualification – Mid August – Mid/Late September; Tender Process – End September – Early November; Award – Mid November).

Villa Deportiva National – Videna – San Luis (Pre-Qualification – Mid August – Mid September; Tender Process – End September – Beginning November; Award – Mid November).

Gymnastic Centre – San Juan de Miraflores (Pre-Qualification – Beginning September – End September; Tender Process – Early October – Mid/End November; Award – End November).

Shooting Venue – Surco (Pre-Qualification – Beginning December – End December; Tender Process – Early January 2018 – Late February; Award – End February).

Surfing Venue – Punta Rocas (Pre-Qualification – Beginning December – End December; Tender Process – Early January – Late February; Award – End February).

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) team will be supporting the procurement of venue infrastructure on behalf of Lima 2019 to ensure competition, transparency and fairness is applied in the selection process.

The UK DIT team will bring international best practice and experience in successfully delivering major sporting event infrastructure to support the Lima2019 team in setting specifications, scope definition, packaging and selection of the best value, deliverable contracts with the best fit to meet challenging requirements.

All companies interested in any of the infrastructure projects, particularly if bidding as a lead contractor, should register as soon as possible at the following website:

UK companies interested in partnering with local Peruvian companies for any of the above (please specify if only interested in particular venues) should make direct contact with Carlos Chau at the British Embassy, Lima (, copying in Andrew Bacchus at DIT ( to discuss their interest in more detail.