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Paris plans temporary arena for Olympic Games

Paris 2024 has revealed that Place de la Concorde will become a spectacular arena in the heart of the city for urban sports during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Place de la Concorde joins one of the world’s most beautiful avenues, the Champs-Elysées, to the Tuileries Gardens and will showcase Parisian heritage and offer exceptional images of the event.

This iconic site will highlight the project’s spectacular and popular dimension as the setting for a programme of sports and celebrations never seen before.

Organisers said that while it is still too soon to give an exact list of the sports and disciplines to be seen there during the Games, this 35,000-seat stadium will provide a totally new experience and attract new types of spectators.

This unique concept in the heart of Paris will also foster the sharing of resources in a way that is completely in line with the new norm promoted by the IOC.

This mutualisation of resources will keep costs and impact down and facilitate the set-up, supply and transport operations, unlike the scattering of these activities over several sites.