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POS upgrades at Titanium Security Arena

Givex, the cloud-based customer engagement solution that helps to streamline business operations from end-to-end, has teamed up with Titanium Security Arena in Adelaide, Australia.

As part of the partnership, Givex’s point-of-sale (POS) technologies have been successfully deployed across the 8,000-seat arena.

Titanium Security Arena is a multipurpose arena holding up to 8,000 people and is used for a range of events including concerts, conventions, expos and sporting events.

Givex POS was chosen in part because of its intuitive interface and quick workflows which could be tailored to different areas, such as corporate boxes, with their own prices and menus.

Managing all these functions while preventing order errors had been an operational challenge for Titanium Security Arena.

Givex not only solved this problem but also brought more functionality though its expertise in stadium and venue POS, resulting in improved transaction speed and efficiency.

Mandy Spear, chief operations officer, Titanium Security Arena, said:

When we met with Givex we were very impressed by how much faster and easier their POS was to use.

They were also able to provide us with much better consolidated reporting and flexibility. Time and time again, Givex showed they were invested in us as a partner, from deploying rapidly to meet our short deadline, to their incredible technical support on game day.

Titanium Security Arena’s future plans include Givex’s Uptix loaded tickets and loyalty program.

The arena is already looking into new ways to reward season pass holders and provide better game day experiences.