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Premier League teams to attend China Football Summit 2016

Pioneer Sports will host the China Football Summit 2016 on May 26-27 at the Chongming Convention Centre in Shanghai, China, supported by the World Cage-Football Union.

Delegates from the English Premier League (EPL) and four EPL football clubs have already enrolled to attend the Summit; namely Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Norwich City FC and Southampton FC.

Pioneer Sports admires the contribution the EPL has made to the development of the game in China. The EPL sets the example for the China Super League (CSL) to follow, especially in terms of how to increase matchday revenue, the distribution of media rights and commercial operations.

The Chinese government has high expectations for football (soccer) at all levels of the game across the nation, as has been reported in the country’s 5-year sports development plan that was reported earlier today, with the aim being to have 50 million regular players backed by 70,000 pitches across the country, in addition to the 20,000 football academies set to be delivered by 2020.

The EPL has cooperative agreements with the CSL and has already formed close partnerships with other Chinese organisations like CFA, FUSC, CSSF, The British Cultural Education Association and Super Sports.

Those involved in all sectors of the game and indeed other sports are invited to attend the China Football Summit 2016, for which PanStadia & Arena Management magazine is proud to be an Official Media Partner.

About the China Football Summit

Attendees will hear from some of the sector’s senior experts about the state of the Chinese football market, with sessions including:

Hottest Panel Discussion: Heated scramble for football media rights and acquisitions

In the past year, media rights were most tightly connected with capitals in China’s sports industry. 2015 witnessed many huge investments in event copyrights, whereby the blueprint of China sport copyrights may determine the fate of many companies; meanwhile, Chinese capital buying overseas premium assets in succession makes China an emerging force in the international football community.

On the afternoon of Day One, there will be a panel discussion called “Heated scramble for football media rights and acquisitions”, with the currently confirmed panellists being: Mr. Yu Hang, Vice President on behalf of LE Sports, Mr. Jason Zhen, Vice President on behalf of IDG Capital Partners and Mr. Francisco López , Business Director on behalf of City Football Services.

Shenzhen Sage Opto Co. Ltd, is one of the main sponsors for the China Football Summit 2016. The company was founded on February 9, 2002, and is a large State-owned enterprise Holding company that manufacturers professional LED screen products. Shenzhen Sage Opto is a professional LED display system factory, with its SAGE LED displays having been successfully applied in Basketball, Football and Volleyball venues, as well as at sporting events, and is an official supplier the for NBL, WCBA, CBA, CUBA, TBF and IOC.

About Pioneer Sports

Pioneer Sports is a professional football services and strategic management company committed to building a platform for China’s football industry both at home and and abroad, while providing football-related strategies, technical consulting services, operations for clubs and organisations.

With China pushing forward football development, Pioneer Sports is jointly hosting the China Football Summit 2016 with Chongming Sports Bureau and the Genbao Football Academy, highlighting Chongming’s home advantage in the football industry.

During the 2016 Summit, Genbao Football Academy’s experience in talent training will be shared, as well as their ambition to forge an international brand.

China Football Summit 2016 aims to build an interconnected international platform connecting China and the global soccer industry, to push forward the development and prosperity of China’s soccer industry.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Chongming!

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PanStadia & Arena Management magazine is proud to be an Official Media Partner for the China Football Summit 2016.