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Queen Elizabeth Park stadium and south park operator tender

London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has tendered for a Stadium and South Park Operator (Services Concession Agreement). The winner will serve as operator for 10 years in a contract renewable for a further 15.

The LLDC stated that the successful operator will be expected to be actively involved in advertising and marketing the areas under management, and generating interest in the Stadium, the surrounding areas and the South Park, finding users (long, medium, or short-term) and keeping the entire area under management fully utilised and booked with events and cultural and corporate activities and also maximise revenue arising from the internal facilities of the Stadium for conferences, banqueting and other activities.

The tender’s high-level description of the LLDC and E20 requirements for the Stadium Operator Plus opportunity include the following:

  •  to provide a fully comprehensive, year-round, operation, maintenance and event management services for the Stadium and South Park area;
  •  to lead on the operational planning phases from award of the Contract through to the:

1) first opening of the Stadium (which will be during the Stadium construction/ transformation works period and in the lead up to hand-over for the 2015 events and second opening of the Stadium in 2016), and

2) handover of the South Park areas for subsequent operation by the Operator;

  •  to work in Partnership with West Ham United Football Club (WHUFC) and UK Athletics (UKA) in delivering the Contract, including the ability to coordinate and implement the Contracting Authority’s contractual obligations contained within the current and future Concession and Access Agreements, and any other contractual agreement and / or other stakeholder requirements (where applicable and obliged within the Contract);
  •  to support access for the operation of other venues on the Park (including, but not limited to, the Aquatics Centre, the ArcellorMittal Orbit, the South Park Hub Building, and the Copper Box Arena);
  •  to provide a fully functioning, year-round facility, operations and event management service for the Stadium, for and on behalf of E20;
  •  to provide a fully functioning, year-round facility, operations and event management service for the South Park areas, including also smaller events to ensure a vibrant and active Park (subject to relevant planning permissions) for and on behalf of the LLDC;
  •  to promote and exploit the opportunities for the hosting of events and attractions in the relevant Contract areas, so as to ensure the profitable and sustained enjoyment of the Stadium and South Park by their users;
  •  to work with E20 (and appointed specialist advisors) to ensure that the obligations contained within the Naming Rights Agreement (for the Stadium sites and / or the South Park areas) are adhered to and respected at all times;
  • — to work with E20 (and appointed specialist advisors) and assist in identifying, promoting and exploiting those opportunities that may arise for 2nd tier sponsorship rights on the Stadium (and to service such sponsorship agreements as required);
  •  to provide catering services for events and on major event day public catering and corporate hospitality and food services.

Contact details:

Telephone: +44 2032881800


Electronic submission of tenders and requests to participate: