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Sacramento arena has downtown advantage

The City of Sacramento is moving forward with an environmental review and working with the owner of the Sacramento Kings team on plans for a new entertainment and sports centre (ESC). Proposed construction will begin in 2014 for an opening in October 2016.

The tale of Sacramento’s on-off arena project has taken too many twists and turns for a Digest new story. PanStadia & Arena Management magazine’s Facility Watch has followed the project. Despite earlier attempts grinding to a halt, the NBA decided in favour of the basketball franchise staying in Sacramento under new ownership, which has revived the arena project and the city is back to where it was when the previous owner requested a new publicly funded arena.

The big difference this time around is the proposed location, Downtown Plaza in the heart of the city, not a railyard or expo site. The city’s contribution to an overall $450 million project is put at $258 million (and up). The debate in the city is back on, between opponents of the subsidy and proponents who cite 2,000-6,500 jobs and downtown revitalisation through retail and residential developments alongside the arena.

Sacramento's proposed arena is part of a downtown redevelopment.

Sacramento’s proposed arena is part of a downtown redevelopment.