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Safe and secure at Groupama Arena

Hungarian security company BioSec Group has celebrated its fifth anniversary at the Groupama Arena.

The company’s stadium security solution – StadiumGuard – turned five in August, with more than 1,850 busy days behind the system.

The palm vein recognition-based access control solution has been doing a great job, operating error free at the 23,500-seat stadium in Budapest, Hungary, since 2014.

Despite its young age, StadiumGuard already has many success stories. The BioSec system was introduced at the Groupama Arena to create a zero tolerance concept for violence and establish a family-friendly environment, which the system fulfilled quickly.

Since the introduction of StadiumGuard, 160,000 people are registered in the system and more than 700,000 entries were managed without critical system failure, with an average authentication time of 1.1 seconds.

The registration process is also pretty fast, it takes as long as to eat a hotdog (or two) and the process is just as simple.

The BioSec solution has operated in an outdoor environment, whether on sunny, rainy or snowy match days without disruptions from -14°C to +42°C.

BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák, said:

When it comes to match days, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, the only thing that is important is to provide a secure environment for the thousands of football fans, without compromising convenience.

Our biometric system was chosen to stop football violence and create a family-friendly environment and the increased number of women and children at the stadium is the greatest acknowledgement for us, showing that our system has reached its goal.

The good news is that besides the increased number of supporters, there are some decreased numbers too, such as acts of violence, pyrotechnics and racist abuse.

In addition, the biometric system’s False Rejection Rate (possibility of incorrect rejection of an authorised person) is under 2% and there was no False Acceptance (possibility of accepting an unauthorised person) according to the company’s knowledge.

All in all, BioSec has shown in the past five years that the solution is (literally) in our hands to stop football violence.