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Corporate hospitality sales surprise at first direct arena

SMG Europe, the operator of the first direct arena in Leeds has beaten all sales projections for its corporate box options, which are almost all now sold, and each to a business with a head office in Leeds or Yorkshire.

The majority of suites have been taken for between two and four years, in spite of a minimum requirement of one year. The SMG team attributes demand to a number of factors including the buoyant and growing economy in the Leeds city region, the venue’s bespoke design and the existing programme of events.

Tony Watson, Director of Sales and Marketing, said:

We are delighted that the corporate community has reacted so well to our annual hospitality offerings. The senior team at the arena have had significant experience of hospitality for large organisations including roles at Manchester United, Everton Football Club, Royal Ascot and the Manchester Arena. Despite this experience, the demand for annual hospitality has been truly breathtaking and has taken us all by surprise.

With some private boxes here costing in excess of £200,000 for a three year license, it’s a large commitment. However, the demand and the lengths of commitment from many of the businesses in Leeds is a testament to years of anticipation and excitement in the city, as well as a desire to develop those all-important professional relationships. We’re proud to help our clients convey exactly what Leeds is capable of now, as part of that message.

Professional services provider KPMG are one of the concerns to secure a corporate box, less than 30 metres away from the action.
 Chris Hearld, a senior partner at KPMG’s Leeds office, said:

After many years in the waiting and the making, it is hugely exciting for Leeds to now add a world class concert venue to its long list of attributes.

We are very pleased to be supporting the first direct arena from the beginning and are hotly anticipating this summer’s opening as we look forward to enjoying music, comedy and more with a wide variety of KPMG contacts.

Other corporate packages include the Premier Club annual membership scheme which already has over 200 members and continues to grow steadily, according to sales figures.


Corporate box at first direct arena in Leeds.

Corporate box at first direct arena in Leeds.