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SC Freiburg given the go-ahead to build a new stadium

German Bundesliga side SC Freiburg have been granted permission to build a new stadium after a local referendum saw a majority vote to pass the motion.

February 1st, 2015, will be regarded as an historic day in the history of the Baden-Württemberg club, after 58.2% of local residents voted in favour of plans to construct a new stadium on the outskirts of the city.

SC Freiburg President, Fritz Keller, said:

I just want to say thanks. I can promise you that SC are going to be good neighbours in their new surroundings, as they have been over decades on the Schwarzwaldstraße.

Freiburg presented plans for a new stadium in the Wolfswinkel district of the city, as their current Schwarzwald-Stadion is seen to be hindering the Club’s growth, with special dispensation having to be granted each season to allow the side to continue playing in a ground where the pitch is almost five metres too short for European football.
The Club have therefore long been seeking a move to a new state-of-the-art arena, and the final hurdle towards the realisation of that dream was overcome at the weekend. Freiburg’s players reminded the city’s residents to go out to vote by placing a ‘Yes’ slogan on their shirts for Saturday’s 4-1 win against Eintracht Frankfurt.

City Mayor, Dieter Salomon, said:

The Freiburg citizens have overwhelmingly demonstrated that they want to give SC Freiburg the chance of a bright future. Almost half of eligible voters had their say on Sunday. Plans for a new stadium can now be carried forward, although several bureaucratic steps still need to be taken before the diggers can move in. However, the ball could be rolling in Freiburg’s new home from 2019.

The Club made the announcement of the successful vote for a new stadium on their official Twitter account on Sunday. The tweet read: YES! We have won the referendum! The path towards a new stadium is now clear! Thanks Freiburg!

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