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Schladming in Austria tempts teams with top pitch

The central Austrian city of Schladming, best known for hosting winter sports championships, has invested 450 million euros in new infrastructure and hotel facilities, both for winter sports but also for other sports, including soccer and athletics, in a new Athletic Area is integrated in a beautiful setting where the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championship was held in 2013, the Athletic Area is home to FC Schladming and has been designed and equipped at a high level to host national and international training camps.

This year it has built a full natural turf stadium field in the Athletic Area, plus one artificial pitch for good training options. Schladming’s Mayor Jürgen Winter took a personal interest in the sports field. Richter Rasen did consulting on the rootzone and monitored all work on the field during construction. Having grown the rootzone, the Richter Rasen team turfed the field with RR-STADIUM-TURF SR30 in big rolls of 120cm width. Alexander Richter said:

The job was done perfectly and we can expect a very good field next spring.

With a top level pitch at an altitude of 740 metres, and with four-star hotels and pleasant temperatures, Schladming is now promoting itself as a mountain retreat for sports teams.


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