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Signature Systems launches OmniDeck LD

Signature Systems has launched its latest product at the Sports Turf Managers 31st Annual Conference & Exhibition in West Palm Beach, Florida this week.

OmniDeck LD is a light-duty stadium turf protection system which shares many of the key benefits of its heavy duty next-generation turf protection product, OmniDeck.

It was released in June to help global stadium venues make the most of the booming live events trend as concerts, festivals and esports tournaments draw more crowds and revenue.

It brings a new level of lightweight protection and efficient setup with the unique ability to install in any direction. OmniDeck LD is easy on natural turf yet durable and strong enough to protect stadiums’ most valuable player — their sports turf or playing surface.

Key benefits:

  • OmniDeck LD’s puzzle-piece design allows for speedy deployment and the ability to build around obstacles in north, south, east and west directions simultaneously
  • Protect turf from pressure points or friction, supporting weights of 200 psi/28,800 psf; compatible with OmniDeck™’s 600 psi/86,400 psf protection for a total stadium solution
  • Lightweight (36 lbs./16.3 kg.), stackable panels reduce stadium overhead costs through greater transportation and storage efficiencies
  • Built-in safety features protect people and equipment
  • OmniDeck™ LD offers the same innovative puzzle-piece layout as OmniDeck, and is compatible with that system, including the secure and user-friendly built-in locks, Signature

Product engineer Eric Parks said:

It’s lighter with more aeration, offering more light and water transmission and penetration per square foot than its competitors.

Its main applications are pedestrian walkways and platforms for lighter traffic events on natural or synthetic turf.

STMA attendees can demo the system and compare weight, aeration and light transmission with Signature’s other stadium products.

Jason Frew, Signature’s vice president of sales, added:

Our customers asked for an innovative approach to stadium turf protection that meets their demands for safety, lightweight strength, quick event turnovers and revenue generation over the life of the product.

We’ve met the challenge and are excited to share the unique benefits of OmniDeck™ LD with the world’s leading stadium and turf managers at STMA.