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Silverstone gears up with new track shops

The Home of British Motorsport – Silverstone – will be home to five bespoke track shops and one superstore, designed to offer returning fans access to official merchandise over the event-filled summer.

Described as “an unrivalled weekend festival of limitless fun, energy and entertainment with plenty of on- and off-track action”, the Formula One GP will be the first major sporting event to return after a long hiatus.

Soon followed by The Classic taking place from 30 July – 1 August, and after two years, fans will be excited to see the most prestigious two-wheeled championship in the world back in Great Britain with the MotoGPfrom 27 August.

Silverstone is committed to providing a safe shopping environment for fans upon their return. As such, the selection of shops supplied will help manage and break up foot traffic on big event days while creating maximum sales opportunity across high-footfall locations.

The massive superstore will serve as a central hub for official merchandise and race day mementoes.

Housing a significant 288m2 of retail space, the superstore allows for sufficient ‘breathing room’ for shoppers and will comfortably adhere to regulations set by the UK Government.

On-brand finishes, signage and flags used throughout the range feature the latest Silverstone style, amplifying brand emphasis with a recognisable colour scheme and catchy taglines.

The stores are supplied by Worcestershire-based retail specialist Rapid Retail, whose team has facilitated bespoke retail experiences for sports venues and events throughout Europe for more than 15 years.

According to June Walsh, head of retail at Silverstone Circuits, the project demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to keeping visitors safe and offering them the ultimate race day experience. She said:

We’re delighted with the new track shops from Rapid Retail. They are smart, robust and visually fantastic. Having them positioned at different points around the venue helps us ensure that all visitors have quick and easy access to our services in the locations we require, preventing queues and clusters.

Modern motorsport is far more than simply the races. Visitors expect the full package and a complete experience. Motorsport circuits have long recognised this and have upped their game, providing first-class facilities, catering and entertainment. Our track shops must align with this, in both appearance and the high level of service we provide.

Nick Daffern, MD of Rapid Retail, said:

It was our pleasure to support Silverstone Circuits with this project, and the feedback we have received has been fantastic. These shops are some of our biggest, and the impact of the huge exterior branding and flags is simply phenomenal.

We have worked within motorsport for some years and are delighted to see the use of high-quality retail merchandising solutions becoming more prevalent at the race day. With shops, kiosks and catering units available to rent, it’s clear why these options are constantly drawing more attention.

After being forced to stage two Formula 1 races behind closed doors and cancel its MotoGP race in 2020 following the start of the pandemic, Silverstone is committed to safely welcoming fans back for its 2021 events.