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Sound boost at Russ Chandler Stadium

Georgia Tech fields a mean team of Yellow Jackets baseball players that has posted numerous NCAA Division I conference championships.

The team practices and plays all of its home games at Russ Chandler Stadium, a 4,000-plus seat stadium originally built in 1930 and massively renovated in 2002.

Like everything on the Georgia Tech campus, Russ Chandler Stadium is nestled deep inside Atlanta’s Midtown area, which adds urban excitement and a great skyline view, but also the spectre of noise complaints from nearby classroom buildings and businesses.

Gainesville-based A/V firm dB Integrations recently gave Georgia Tech two Danley-based sound systems for Russ Chandler Stadium: one for game day that includes a beefy Danley SH96HO loudspeaker and an even beefier Danley BC415 subwoofer and one for practices that uses a more modest Danley OS80 weatherised loudspeaker.

Danley’s legendary pattern control maximises sound where it needs to be and minimizes sound everywhere else.

Ronnie Stanford, director of sales and marketing at dB Integrations, said:

The Yellow Jackets had a dated sound reinforcement system mounted on a 25-foot tower behind center field.

The audio quality was poor, and the system had zero low-frequency extension. The situation called for a complete redo, and we were careful to build game-day and practice systems that would help the team avoid noise complaints. In addition, we designed and installed a whole new front end in the press box, along with simple practice control from the home dugout.

All 4,000-plus seats stretch from approximately first base to approximately third base, and a single Danley SH96HO mounted on the old tower hits all of them perfectly with minimal spill above or to either side.

The Danley BC415 subwoofer also provides significant low-frequency power and (incredibly) directivity, which again helps satisfy the close-quarters requirements for the stadium’s new system. Two Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifiers – one for the SH96HO and one for the BC415 – each deliver four 5000W amplifier channels with comprehensive DSP and custom presets for the boxes.

In the press box, four new Shure ULXD wireless receivers paired with handheld microphones feed an Allen & Heath SQ5, along with various playback devices.