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ACEF produces stadium design security video

The Tarleton-based American Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities (ACEF) has produced a video, Stadium Design Considerations for the Post 9/11 World, showcasing the best safety practices in collegiate stadium design.

ACEF joined forces with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at the University of Southern Mississippi. Safety and security experts from Texas A&M University, Ohio State University, the University of Tennessee, the University of Alabama, Penn State, University of Southern Mississippi, Rutgers University, Florida Atlantic University and the University of Oregon contributed information, insight and solutions.

The contributing institutions credit the film for advancing discussions on field tested safety measures and feel all university officials responsible for event security will find the content and guidance provided invaluable.

The videp is set to be released in April and distributed widely during the NCS4 conference this summer.

I am excited about the timeliness of the film. The film will shape future discussions at all levels of sports and improve safety, while also emphasizing the need to ensure a quality fan experience,

said Dr. Denae Dorris, ACEF project manager.

This video provides critical guidance since colleges and universities spend billions of dollars each year constructing, renovating, and maintaining collegiate stadiums. This project will provide information and training, so those dollars can be spent wisely,


Dr. Mark Littleton, ACEF project director. Mike Simpson and 828 Media, from Comanche County, assisted in producing the video. Contact: