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Star Live in a league of its own in China

Star Live won a competitive tender to deliver the temporary structures for the League of Legends World Finals at the new SAIC Motor Pudong Arena in China.

Working alongside League of Legends owner Riot Games for ConCom Inc, Riot’s long-time technical production services partner Star Live was contracted for the 10th annual World Finals of ‘League of Legends’ in the SAIC Motor Pudong Arena in Shanghai.

Star Live has a long history with Riot Games and ConCom, having worked on previous League of Legends Worlds events in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan in China as well as Seoul and Gwangju in South Korea.

For the 2020 event, over 100 tons of screens, audio and lighting were rigged from the free-standing structures supplied by Star Live. Watch a video of the set-up here.

Star Live’s newly upgraded Ultra truss system (the system developed by Star Live to deliver Adele’s World Tour in 2017) enabled them to create the 33m high and 125m wide reality that was heavily augmented by Riot Games for the Opening Ceremony of the World Finals.

The event was watched by millions online as well as a live audience of over 6,000 fans in the stadium. The entire build and show was made possible by strict Covid protocols.

Roger Barrett, Star Live’s technical director and project lead said:

The scale of this project was huge and we pushed so many technical boundaries to the limits. It took months of planning, two weeks of mandatory quarantine on arrival in China and a big multinational crew to make it happen.

Creating our free-standing 65 ton central arch at 33m high was a major achievement by our UK, Chinese and Malaysian crew.

Star Live (with teams based in the UK, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur) sees China as a key strategic priority moving forwards and continues to drive growth and investment into its Chinese operation.

Star Live China (established 13 years ago) is ideally placed to leverage the best elements of a Chinese business alongside UK expertise in designing and delivering complex event infrastructure and large-scale temporary venues around the world.

Star Live China has a long history of providing a range of design and technical services to Chinese venues including Sports Park in Shantou University, Suzhou Olympics Center Arena, Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai and Shenzhen World.

It has also acted as consultant on the refurbishment or legacy transformation of existing venues including the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena (now Cadillac Center).

The business specialises in Design and Build of specialist rigging infrastructure including Mother Grids, house-reduction systems and centre-hung screen/scoreboards.

Grahame Muir, Star Live’s Chief Operating Officer said:

The ongoing development of sport in China presents significant opportunities for our Chinese operation, not least with the upcoming major sporting events such as the Chengdu Universiade, Asian Games and the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also to advise and support on the rapid development of sports infrastructure in China. We now have a significant legacy stock that will see our business develop new opportunities both across Europe and within our growing base in China.