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According to a just-released report by London & Partners, major sporting and cultural events have contributed GB£2.2bn to London’s economy since the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, demonstrating that London is ‘open for business’ and cementing the capital’s reputation as one of the world’s greatest sporting and cultural cities.

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Following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed between the city Ulaanbaatar – represented by Mr. Bat-Uul E., the City Mayor; Mr. Bayasgalan D., the President of NUSF Mongolia with FISU, represented by Mr. Claude-Louis Gallien, FISU President and Mr. Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary General/CEO – where the City has the intention to organise the 2033 Winter Universiade, and where both sides agreed to cooperate in the frame of the ‘2033 Winter Universiade – Ulaanbaatar Project’. Within the framework of this MoU, Mr. Milan Augustin, Director of the Winter Universiade and Mr. Roger Roth, Chair of the FISU International Technical Committee of the FISU Winter Universiade, visited Ulaanbaatar between October 6-10, 2015.

Winter Universiade Workshop.

The inspection visit was divided into three parts. First of all, the Winter Universiade Organisation workshop was held in Ulaanbaatar’s City Hall. Around 60 representatives from 20 different institutions and universities attended the seminar, including the Ministry of Health and Sports, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, City Government department of Sports, NUSF Mongolia and the National Winter Sports Federations (NSF).

FISU delegates gave information about the FISU, the Universiade and the minimum requirements for hosting a Winter Universiade.

A FISU representative said:

The WU workshop was a successful event, with a dynamic participation from the attendees who were actively interacting and sincerely desiring to organise a Winter Universiade in their home country in the near future.

In addition, the FISU Winter Universiade delegates met with high-placed authorities of Mongolia and the City Government. Separate meetings were held with Mr. Enkhtsengel Ts., the Deputy Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City and the Head of the working group for the future Winter Universiade; Mr. Boldbaatar T., the Deputy Minister of Health and Sports of Mongolia; Mr. Bayasgalan, the President of the Mongolian Students Sports Federation and Treasurer of FISU and Mr. Odbayar O., the Chairman of the Department of Capital city planning of City hall, together with the department’s staff, Presidents and Secretary-Generals of the national winter sports federations of Mongolia.

FISU officials inspecting the Sky Alpine Resort.

Finally, the inspection visit ended with site visits to some of the proposed sports venues and representatives were also acquainted with the concept drawings for the Universiade Village that will be built in the future. The venues visited included the Sky Alpine Resort in the Bogd Khaan mountain area, the Buyant Ukhaa Sports Palace, which was assessed for the possibility of using it for ice hockey purposes, the Khandgait Resort ice rink inspection, outdoor speed skating stadium, cross country skiing and biathlon areas for building snow sports facilities.

The FISU delegates also travelled to the Berkh Mountain in Gachuurt village to assess the possibilities of alpine skiing facilities that will be constructed for the future and a Universiade Village area for student campus ‘Nalaikh’ in the Khonkhor area.

Work meeting with the Deputy-Minister for Sport.

During their visit, delegates discussed about a future collaboration between FISU and the City Government of Ulaanbaatar, to share their experiences, exchange ideas on the working plans to prepare for the Universiade, evaluate the conditions on site, and to define some other arrangements with FISU. It was also agreed that in the forthcoming years the parties will advise one another on the venue constructions to be built in Ulaanbaatar under the frame of the ‘2033 Winter Universiade’ project, while the local parties will do some research on opportunities to organise FISU World University Championships, such as speed skating and ski orienteering events in Ulaanbaatar, as interim steps to comply with FISU standards and ISF rules.

Meeting with the Mayor.

At the end of the inspection, the FISU representatives issued the ‘Official Recommendations’ to Mr. Enkhtsengel Ts., Deputy Mayor Ulaanbaatar City, Head of the working group for future Winter Universiade to give the necessary suggestions for further processing to the authorities of the City Government, which included the outcome of their visit.

According to the recommendations, a study team will be formed, which will work on the organisation of the Winter Universiade, while learning from the experiences of other cities that have hosted and/or will host the Universiade in the future.

Also, the FISU delegates recommended that infrastructure facilities should be built closer to the city and be available for general use afterwards, as a legacy after the Universiade.

Finally, the FISU WU delegates completed their three-day visit in Ulaanbaatar, assessing that the City of Ulaanbaatar is indeed a potential candidate for the Winter Universiade in terms of its weather conditions, natural environment and territory if the team would focus on the long term concept.

(Source: D. Jargalsaikhan, Secretary-General MSSF)

Images courtesy: FISU

Qatar’s journey to the Opening and Final matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ is now underway. Progress is visible on the spot where Lusail Stadium, the centrepiece of the first World Cup in the Middle East, will seat 80,000 spectators in a spectacular venue inspired by Qatari traditions and culture.

Five kilometres of hoarding surround the site of the proposed host venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ Final, where site facilities and offices have been finalised, marking the completion of the early works phase.

Lusail Stadium is the sixth stadium currently under construction across Qatar. Two major packages have been recently completed at the one million square metre site: early works and site investigation. These packages include the installation of site facilities and offices, which will be the home for the Lusail Stadium technical team for the coming years.

Mubarak Al-Khulaifi, SC Project Director at Lusail Stadium, said:

We are very pleased to have initiated a presence on the site, which has a special significance for us all as the proposed host venue for the Opening and Final matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. Following the timely conclusion of the early works phase, we aim to shortly commence enabling works. The scope for this phase will be comprised of the heavy civil works required to facilitate the construction of the stadium structure.

The site investigation has provided information about critical aspects of the site such as the quality of the soil and the groundwater levels, which will form a part of the basis of design for the stadium foundations and substructure. It has also generated information about site levels, and the grading and levelling work required to achieve the finished site profile. The final design for Lusail Stadium will be presented in 2016.

Al-Khulaifi added:

The concept phase of the stadium design has been completed and approved, opening the way for the schematic phase. For Lusail Stadium we are building a venue which will become an internationally-recognisable landmark. It is worth noting that it is also on the flight path coming in from a number of countries for fans arriving to Hamad International Airport.

In the months following the award of the design contract to Foster + Partners this March, the SC and the designers have worked hand-in-hand to capture a sense of local and regional architecture, reflecting the aesthetics of Qatar.

Lusail City

The stadium has been designed to be in harmony with the surrounding Lusail City. To achieve this, extensive work has been carried out to integrate the stadium with the neighbouring masterplan. Regular coordination is held with the local municipal authority for the exchange of engineering information about the utilities and services in order to ensure alignment with the available sources in the area.

Located in Lusail City, 15km north of Doha, the stadium will have an 80,000-seat capacity.

All contracts on Lusail Stadium incorporate the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Standards. Contractual enforcement of these standards and a rigorous four-tier auditing system guarantees international best practice on Lusail Stadium as construction advances further in the coming months.

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Images & information courtesy: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy


Trevor Easley, Host Country Security Design, Risk and Assurance Lead at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (2022 FIFA World Cup™ Qatar) is one of the 50+ industry-elite speakers taking part in this month’s must-attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 event.

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If you haven’t already registered to attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015, then make sure to do so online today at:

Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, has been awarded the rights to host the 2022 Asian Games.

The southeast coastal Chinese city, with a population of 8.9 million, was the lone bidder for Asia’s flagship multi-sports event.

Hangzhou mayor, Zhang Hong Ming, led the bid city’s delegation, delivering a 15-minute presentation to the Asian NOC leaders at the OCA general assembly in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. He promoted the bid as “secure, reliable and risk-free”.

2004 Olympic swimming champion, Luo Xuejuan, a resident of Hangzhou, contributed to the presentation. The former Chinese breaststroke world record holder will serve as a Games ambassador.

The host city contract is signed in Ashgabat (Image courtesy: ATR).

OCA President, Sheik Ahmad Al-Fasal Al-Sabah, put the bid to the Asian NOC leaders saying, “It’s the only candidate but it has achieved a lot of the goals in our house”.

The bid was approved by acclamation and the host city contract was signed.

Hangzhou will host the Games from September 10-25, 2022, just seven months after Beijing stages the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The athletes’ village will be located 5km from the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Park’s main 80,000-seat stadium (which is featured both on the cover and within the latest Q3 edition of PanStadia & Arena Management magazine); the centrepiece for the 2022 Asian Games. Visitors to Games can arrive via the 45-minute high-speed railway linking Hangzhou to Shanghai.

Hangzou, which markets itself as “Paradise on Earth”, has hosted women’s World Cup football and the world table tennis tour finals. The picturesque coastal city will also host the FINA World Short Course Championships in 2018.

Chinese IT giant Alibaba will serve as Hangzhou’s marketing partner for the Games.

Reported in Ashgabat by Brian Pinelli for Around The Rings: an Official Media Partner for our Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 event

Main image courtesy: NBBJ, taken from the front cover of the latest Q3 edition of PanStadia & Arena Management magazine.


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If you have not already secured your place, then make sure to do so TODAY at:


World’s largest Ceremonies Communication system used for Baku 2015

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Delivering the world’s largest Ceremonies Communication system for the inaugural European Games that took place in Baku this June, was Sydney-based company, The P.A. People.


In the run-up to Baku 2015, The P.A. People won the contract to provide ceremonies communications (comms), providing two-way radio, intercom, CCTV and technical services. For the Ceremony proceedings, The P.A. People selected Clear-Com intercom systems to handle production communications during rehearsals and both Ceremonies. Clear-Com also provided two support engineers on the ground.


Chris Dodds, Managing Director of The P.A. People, advised:

The scale of the project was pretty remarkable. In many ways it was a bigger undertaking than Sochi. The other particularly notable aspect of the project was the use of the Clear-Com FreeSpeak II [DECT-based wireless communications] system to cater to the Moving Stage. The production crew did not include full duplex on the original specification, but as the artistic component of the event developed – and after we had been appointed as contractor – it was determined that a full duplex solution would constitute a significant advantage for the Ceremonies.


Ultimately, the call was for a capacity of 80-plus packs to be put in place. With 50 or so packs generally constituting the maximum for a single-location FreeSpeak II deployment, as Dodds confirmed:

We designed a configuration using two systems in two different frequency bands, and with the support of the Azerbaijani authorities, we were able to operate one system in one local license band and the other outside of that. With the two systems co-located, we could achieve the desired 80 packs in one physical RF space to the satisfaction of all. It was a great achievement.


Other elements of the Clear-Com Moving Stage comms specification included a single Eclipse HX Median Digital Matrix Platform, nine HelixNet Master Stations and 70 HelixNet Beltpacks. Comms for general main stadium usage included two Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Omega digital matrix systems and more than 200 IP-enabled intercom panels. Clear-Com V-Series Intercom Panels were also to be found in the rehearsal tent and remote cauldron areas.


Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com, commented:

The P.A. People have highly trained and knowledgeable personnel who know exactly how to get the most out of the systems.


A spokesperson for Sports Video Group Europe, added:

A brand new addition to the global sports landscape, the European Games ran from 12-28 June in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sydney, Australia-based firm, The P.A. People, is a stalwart specialist in stadium audio installations and event communications. Examples of large venue systems projects include Stadium Australia, Sydney Cricket Ground and Brisbane Cricket Ground, to name just a few.


Dodds reported a highly positive” response to the performance of the comms systems on the night, while Boster reported “another in a long line of great collaborations with The P.A. People. We really have a great partnership with them. They have highly trained and knowledgeable personnel who know exactly how to get the most out of the systems – as the deployment at Baku demonstrates.”


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Baku 2015 will be featured in our forthcoming Q3 (formerly Autumn) ’15 edition of PanStadia & Arena Management – the world’s leading magazine for the business of stadia, arenas, sporting events & venues.


More facts about the Baku 2015 Closing Ceremony:

  • 250m: length of aerial lines across the stadium, with a capacity to carry 7.5 tons
  • 450m2  of LED floor tiles used on the three stages
  • 500+ truckloads of freight and 100 tons of airfreight from 20 countries to create the Ceremony
  • 800 speakers and 25km of cabling for the sound system
  • 2,000+ lighting fixtures
  • 12,000+ ear pieces and 180,000+ recycled batteries used by the cast and crew
  • 20.5 million man hours spent building the new Olympic Stadium since work began in June 2011
  • 10,000 pyrotechnics
  • 5,000 hours of preparation on-site have gone into creating the evening’s spectacular pyrotechnics displays
  • 200 hours of programming to sychronise the fireworks with the music
  • 120 pyrotechnic launch pads on the stadium roof


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Twenty-four cities confirm interest to host the 2016 Copa America Centenario

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US Soccer has revealed the long-list of cities interested in hosting games during the Copa America Centenario in 2016.

Twenty-four metropolitan areas of the US have expressed interest in staging games, with final proposals to be made by mid-March. The winning cities will then be revealed in May, with US Soccer anticipating between eight to thirteen stadiums to be used in total; each to have a minimum capacity of 50,000.

The US was announced as the host of the special tournament – that will celebrate the 100th anniversary of CONMEBOL, South America’s soccer association – last May. The June event will feature teams from CONMEBOL and CONCACAF, which governs soccer in North America and Central America.

US Soccer President, Sunil Gulati, said:

The interest level from cities across the nation has been phenomenal. Everyone understands the tournament will be a huge event during the summer of 2016, and it’s exciting to see all of these cities putting together bids to be involved. With over 18 months until the tournament starts, we already are starting to see the impact and interest the tournament will have with soccer fans across the United States.

The full list of interested cities are: Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Washington DC, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, St Louis, Greater New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Nashville, Dallas, Houston and Seattle.

The Copa America will be staged as normal later this year, with Chile playing host, before the Copa America Centenario takes place between June 3-26, 2016. Brazil and Ecuador have already been confirmed as hosts of the Copa America in 2019 and 2023 respectively.



The ‘Copa America Centenario’ logo

Set against a black backdrop, the logo features a sleek design of the Copa America trophy in the middle, with red, blue and green curves forming the shape of a soccer ball. The years ‘1916’ and ‘2016’ signify the CONMEBOL’s upcoming centennial and the streaks of colour circling the trophy represent the two confederations, blue for CONCACAF and green for CONMEBOL.

The logo was designed by British-based company The Works Ltd and features a red, white and blue stripe next to the word ‘USA’ at the bottom of the logo, signifying the hosting country for the tournament.

Badminton filling, and building, UK arenas

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The Copper Box Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park continues to prove its multi-sport credentials when it hosts BADMINTON England for the London Grand Prix Gold event 1-6 October. Meanwhile the arena : stadiummk in Milton Keynes (pictured) will host its first major sporting event, the annual National Championships, 8-9 February 2014.

Nicola Moloney, Head of Major Events and Competitions at BADMINTON England, said:

I am really looking forward to hosting the Nationals in a brand new venue which will help to promote the sport to a whole new audience. Bringing a major event to the home of badminton in Milton Keynes is very exciting and with it being the venue’s first major sporting event, it will be great to showcase the sport in a different environment.

MK Dons Chairman, Pete Winkelman, said:

It is very exciting to see tickets for the English National Badminton Championships on sale as it makes the whole thing real. It is also a great landmark for the arena : stadiummk as the Championships will hopefully be the first of many major sporting events to be held in the venue.

Temporary structures specialist Neptunus has been recognised as an official supplier to BADMINTON England for the London Grand Prix Gold event, in partnership with adidas. Neptunus will build additional temporary space to house a final warm-up court for the athletes and an interaction zone.

In a break from tradition at a BADMINTON England event, the final warm-up court will be visible to the public, so that they can observe the final minutes of training before the athletes take to the courts. Neptunus will be constructing one of its versatile Alu Halls for this purpose, which is well suited to sporting applications such as this thanks to its modular design, robust exterior and solid, level flooring.

Moloney said:

Neptunus’ help and support with providing us with a structure for our final warm-up court and interaction zone will add great quality to the event and give it a new edge compared with previous badminton tournaments.

In an exciting time for the sport, planning approval has been received for a new £22 million National Badminton Arena at The National Bowl in Milton Keynes.

Surrey Sports Park welcomes Danone Nations Cup

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The University of Surrey owned Sports Park in Guildford is hosting the 14th edition of the Danone Nations Cup finals tournament 3-6 September before the world final at Wembley Stadium on 7 September. The tournament is billed as the greatest football competition dedicated to children (10-12 years old). The finals come after a six month period of national qualifying rounds held in 32 countries.

Surrey Sports Park Chief Executive, Paul Blanchard, said:

The Danone Nations Cup is a fantastic international sporting event and we are all looking forward to welcoming the finals to Surrey Sports Park this September. We are proud to have been selected to host such a prestigious tournament and I am sure the facilities and atmosphere here at the Sports Park will provide the perfect venue ahead of the Wembley final.

Eden in Prague prepares for UEFA Super Cup

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Stadion Eden in Prague will host the UEFA Super Cup game. At a launch of the event, FAČR President Miroslav Pelta expressed his association’s pride at being selected to host the big game:

We are very proud to be the first country where the final will be held after moving from Monaco. We are ready to make all necessary efforts to make it an unforgettable evening.

Prague will be just the second UEFA Super Cup venue since the competition became a one-off final in 1998 and moved to Monaco, its base for 15 seasons.

FAČR coordinating manager Ivo Sekerka spoke in depth about the preparations undertaken at Stadion Eden, which have included laying a new pitch, enhancing the floodlighting and enlarging the media facilities at a ground opened in May 2008. He also discussed the fan zones and signage systems that will be in operation in the city as well as the UEFA Super Cup charity ticket auction launched last week by UEFA.