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The joint bearers of the brand ‘Feyenoord’ (i.e. Feyenoord Stadium and the professional football club, Feyenoord) have cooperated with OperatieNL (infrastructure experts), OMA (architects) and First Dutch (financial advisors) in developing the Feyenoord City concept in Rotterdam, which would include a new De Kuip stadium and a surrouning complex. Three sites are being considered: Stadium Triangle (Stadion Driehoek), Veranda East (Veranda Oost) and Veranda West.

After weighing up all the pros and cons of the different locations, the Veranda West region of Rotterdam has been named as the preferred site. The plans to develop the chosen site will be developed over the next few months.
These plans include not only the new De Kuip stadium but also retail, houses, offices, hotels, cultural spaces, attractions, parking, a railway station, cultural moorings, community facilities, recreational facilities and the new administration premises of the Club.

According to the Financial Times, Rotterdam is the best city in Europe in terms of accessibility to invest and because the Feyenoord City development would be a 24-hours-a-day destination, open seven days a week, this would be a very progressive urban development.

The Strip De Kuip would be partially transformed into a multifunctional supporters’, sporting, leisure and residential complex, where Feyenoord City becomes part of the city where sport, lifestyle and health are central and attractive to all generations and cultures.

Supervisory board Chairman, Cees de Bruin, of the Feyenoord Stadium NV is enthusiastic about the choice:

Being located on the river, with a view of the city, this place has the best chance of an optimum exploitation. We have every confidence in the next stage of planning.

On behalf of Feyenoord’s President, Commissioner Gerard Hoetmer, is equally thrilled:

A stadium where the club can move forward into the upper echelons of not only the national league but also on a European level. Furthermore, and with pride, we have a permanent destination for De Kuip as the home of our supporters.

The preferred variant will be chosen over the next few months by Feyenoord, OperatieNL, OMA, First Dutch and several other parties, with thenext report due mid-summer 2016.

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Feyenoord’s stadium proposals go to the town hall

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Feyenoord last week presented its plans for a new stadium to the city of Rotterdam. Jan van Merwijk, Eric Gudde and Wim Voots handed in a 250-page plan with a request to the City Council to approve the building of a new 63,000 capacity stadium at Varkenoord.

General Manager Gudde said that the idea of leaving the De Kuip was really annoying but that further additions would add no further value. He summarised:

Many clubs with more modern stadiums are surpassing Feyenoord in terms of budget by the extra income which can be got from such a new stadium.

Stadium Director Jan van Merwijk spelt out the benefits:

This is the case on game days with higher attendances, better catering facilities and more opportunities for the business market. But this even more applies to the more than 330 days a year that there is no football. With a new stadium you can organise a lot more events such as concerts, family entertainment, conventions and exhibitions. That delivers both the club and the city much additional revenue and provides 200 full-time jobs.

Aad van der Laan, Eric Gudde (centre) and Jan van Merwijk from Feyenoord.

Aad van der Laan, Eric Gudde (centre) and Jan van Merwijk from Feyenoord.

The club is looking for help to refinance a EUR 165 million loan and to permit the use of land near its existing De Kuip stadium. Feyenoord’s timetable is a decision in the summer, construction start in 2016 for opening in 2018.


Rendering of the proposed new Feyenoord stadium.

Rendering of the proposed new Feyenoord stadium.