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Popcorn ‘build your own’ system promises better profits for concessions

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Gold Medal is offering concession operators the chance to redefine the future and design their own financial freedom. Gold Medal reports that operators asked for more control over their popcorn and gourmet corn production, so the company created a completely customisable, one-stop shop for popping up profits: the new Build Your Own Production System.

Gold Medal claims that it’s a revolutionary setup and extremely versatile. The equipment is independent of each other, interchangeable, and can be retrofitted in the field. Owners can add as many machines as they need, run only the items they want, and control their investments.

Selections include:

  • 48, 60, or 79-inch tables
  • 36 to 60-ounce poppers
  • Domestic/export options for all equipment
  • Right/left-hand kettle dump options for poppers and Corn Treat Mixers
  • Salt/Sweet Switch (lowers the kettle temperature by about 40° to keep 
the sugar from burning)
  • Bag-in-Box or bucket oil systems
  • 5 or 10-gallon Corn Treat Mixers and digital displays
  • Filter and Karmel Kool systems
  • Plus, a pull-out corn storage bin is a standard features and holds 50 lbs.

The options are endless says Gold Medal and operators can find out more from Gold Medal Products Co. at 800-543-0862 and