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Texas Motor Speedway’s “Big Hoss TV” races into the Guinness books

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Guinness World Records has recognised Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company for its role in the construction of ‘Big Hoss TV’ at the Texas Motor Speedway, officially proclaiming the gargantuan video board to be the “Largest High-Definition Television LED Screen” in the world. 


A Guinness adjudicator made the official certification prior to the start of the April 6 Duck Commander 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. With the click of a button on an oversized Panasonic remote control, the technical wizardry of the screen came to life and Big Hoss TV was ushered into permanence in the esteemed record book. 


Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company has now constructed the world’s two largest HD LED video boards: Big Hoss TV in the top spot and Charlotte Motor Speedway’s board, the previous Guinness World Record holder, now in second. The company has also built one of the largest video boards in collegiate sports at Ohio State University.


The company custom-built the colossal HD LED video board and its support structure in a condensed four month schedule. Positioned in the middle of the renowned racetrack’s backstretch, Big Hoss TV is 12 storeys high and built to withstand wind speeds of up to 120mph. 


The 108-ton structure rests on 16 support beams, each buried 40ft deep into bedrock. It has an active display area of 20,633sqft, measures 218ft-wide by 94ft-high, incorporates 4.8 million pixels, and can generate a staggering 281 trillion different colours.   


A control room located three-quarters of a mile away generates content for the display. Creative engineering from Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company and its partner, VizRT, resulted in a front-end interface, a technical innovation that enables display operators to manage the complex arrangements of pixels and imagery as one cohesive canvas, rather than a separate collection of individual squares.


President of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, Jim Doyle, said:

Texas Motor Speedway is a leader in the sport of motor racing. They’ve shown a commitment to making investments that enhance the fan experience. We congratulate them on their vision and leadership and completely agree with their belief that innovation can make a big difference to sponsors, fans and the bottom line.