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Jorkyball: the football game in 50sqm that is conquering the world

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Those of you who attended our Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2014 event in Singapore last year may well recall the booth of Italian company 3bble, which first introduced the new exciting sport and leisure activity of ‘Jorkyball’ to the region.

A concentration of football and fitness in just 50sqm, Jorkyball represents a new opportunity of investment for Gyms, Multi-Sports and Leisure Centres of space-constrained and high-density metropolitan areas. It is also proving to be a new investment and fan engagement opportunity for Sports Venues, Leisure Spaces and Sporting Event Organisers.

Jorkyball can be played in any indoor sport or leisure space and offers a unique new way for venues to increase revenues and attract new customers. It can also be used as part of a fan engagement program for cities hosting major sporting events.

Our Stadia & Arena event has certainly helped 3bble to accelerate its international expansion, with distribution agreeements now either in place or in the process of being signed with various countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.

In addition, an International Tournament will now take place in Bonneville, France, from May 7-10 with 40 teams coming from seven different countries to compete in the Jorkyball World Cup for Nations and the World Cup for Clubs.

Leonardo Giangreco Biancheri, CEO of 3bble, commented:

I would have never expected that Jorkyball would have grown so quickly internationally. Attending the Stadia & Arena event in Singapore back in September gave us a timely opportunity to initiate the international expansion of both the sport and the business.

So, for those of you interested in investing, distributing or simply learning more about Jorkyball, you can head for a nice weekend away in France to see with your own eyes what there is behind its success.

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