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The University of Notre Dame will add another groundbreaking accomplishment to its rich history with the installation of a new LED lighting system at Notre Dame Stadium as part of the university’s “Campus Crossroads” project. The new lighting solution provided by Musco Lighting will keep the venue at the forefront of sustainable technology and innovation.

No stranger to Musco’s innovation, in 1982, Notre Dame made headlines with a televised primetime college football game held at Notre Dame Stadium made possible by Musco Mobile Lighting. Famed sportscaster, Keith Jackson recalled the event as, “The night the lights went on at Notre Dame Stadium.” But that was only the beginning of a partnership founded on a commitment to excellence, efficiency and service.

Musco installed Notre Dame Stadium’s first permanent lighting system in 1997 and has since provided lighting for Frank Eck Baseball Stadium, Melissa Cook Softball Stadium, Alumni Soccer Stadium and Stinson Rugby Field. In 2013, the university installed Musco’s LED solution at the Purcell Pavilion. The company has also supported the university in its LED lighting upgrades for the Golden Dome and the Word of Life Mural (Touchdown Jesus).

Paul Kempf, Senior Director of Utilities & Maintenance, University of Notre Dame, said:

We have long cherished the collaborative relationship we have had with Musco as they have worked with our staff to light countless athletic and iconic venues on our campus. We look forward to our continued partnership towards advancing the quality and efficiency of lighting technologies in support of our university’s vision and mission.

The new system features custom optics that will reduce glare and render a world-class experience for athletes, spectators, and television HD broadcasts. The system will also significantly reduce energy consumption and eliminate maintenance costs with a 10-year parts and labour warranty.

Jeff Rogers, Vice President of Developmental Sales, Musco Lighting, said:

We’re proud to continue our partnership with the University of Notre Dame. The new system will assist the university as it strives towards sustainable energy practices, offering players and fans the best possible experience.

Notre Dame Stadium will join an extensive list of world-class facilities that benefit from Musco’s state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions, including NRG Stadium – home of the Houston Texans, the Denver Broncos Field House, Emirates Stadium – home of Arsenal Football Club, and AT&T Stadium – home of the Dallas Cowboys.


About Musco Lighting

For nearly 40 years, Musco Lighting has specialised in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting solutions around the world. Musco has pioneered systems using metal halide and LED technologies that have made dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and provided affordable ways to control spill light and glare. Permanent and temporary lighting solutions range from neighbourhood pitches to Olympic Games. Musco has a global team of experts that partner with customers to plan, complete, and maintain a cost-effective, trouble-free lighting solution for their facility.

For more information on Musco’s innovative lighting solutions, visit:

No less than three fields at the new training grounds of Dutch topflight football club AZ Alkmaar will be fitted with LED luminaires. The club announced at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new complex that it has selected high-power LED lighting of AAA-LUX to illuminate the fields.

By choosing AAA-LUX LED luminaires, AZ Alkmaar has chosen proven quality. The Company was, in 2009, the first manufacturer that managed to meet the lighting requirements of test institute Kiwa ISA-Sport by using a LED luminaire.

AAA-LUX Marketing and Sales Director, Michel van Dooren, commented:

We have now completed over 400 installations including some at professional football clubs in Belgium, Germany and Italy. AZ Alkmaar, however, is the first professional football in the Netherlands to recognise the benefits of LED lighting and the contribution the luminaires can make towards improving players and the game.

The light quality produced by AAA-LUX LED luminaires is similar to that of natural light. Players who train in the evenings but play their games during the day can now rest assured of similar lighting conditions. Van Dooren added:

Players will be able to follow the ball better and react faster. That will improve the game.

The AAA-LUX LED luminaires also allow for better video recording of the training sessions. This enables the technical staff to assess and improve players’ performance better, as Van Dooren explained:

Light from conventional luminaires ‘vibrates’ and that affects the quality of the images recorded. The LED luminaires from AAA-LUX provide so-called ‘continuous illumination.’ This prevents distortions of camera images. The coaching staff will, therefore, get a calmer and clearer picture of what the camera has recorded. For that reason, Hoffenheim, which plays in the German Bundesliga, chose the AAA-LUX LED luminaires. These LED luminaires were installed late 2014.

The installation at the new training grounds of AZ Alkmaar will be conducted by Klaver Infratechniek, a certified partner of AAA-LUX. Van Dooren added:

They have all the knowledge and ability to provide a proper installation of the LED luminaires. AZ Alkmaar will soon, therefore, enjoy the maximum benefit from the investment.

Van Dooren hopes that this installation will be the first step towards the embracement of LED luminaires for stadiums in the Netherlands, as he advised:

We have used the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 10 years at AAA-LUX to develop a full stadium fixture. I expect, therefore, that it is only a matter of time before we will actually illuminate a stadium field in the Netherlands, like we did already in Malta, Belgium and Italy.


Twickenham Stadium announces installation of LED floodlights

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Twickenham Stadium has this week become the first stadium in Europe to announce the installation of LED floodlights, which will be delivered by Musco Lighting.


This is part of the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) stadium redevelopment programme that is already well underway to ensure the home of England Rugby is a world-leading facility for the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and beyond.


The new LED lights will deliver superior broadcast quality lighting, as well as substantially reduce energy consumption in comparison to metal halide light sources.


Richard Knight, Stadium Director, RFU commented:

We were the first stadium in Europe to install mid-tier LEDs and believe we are now the first to have LED floodlights designed. Better quality lighting will allow us to improve the viewing experience for fans both in the stadium and at home, by keeping ahead of fast moving developments in TV technology. This innovative product also has the added benefit of being more energy efficient and requiring less maintenance.


Jeff Rogers, President of Musco, added:

Musco is proud to work with the Rugby Football Union to provide an efficient, state-of-the-art lighting solution using LED technology for this iconic stadium. The RFU’s forward thinking and concern for the responsible use of energy are commendable.


The dimming controls allow for the light output to be varied when full power of the system is not needed, saving additional energy. The floodlights will have instant on/off capabilities, allowing for special effects and eliminating the time for the lamps to warm-up. The installation also includes custom-designed reflectors that significantly reduce light spill and glare for players and spectators.


Musco is working with the RFU and their design team to design, deliver and install this state-of-the-art and sustainable lighting system at Twickenham Stadium for the autumn of 2014.