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With its long history as the meeting point between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has always been a vibrant and cosmopolitan centre of Turkish entertainment and culture. Recently L-Acoustics was chosen to deliver high quality audio in two of the city’s most prestigious new venues.

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NEXO fielded a stellar team of different loudspeaker models for one of the most prestigious sporting trophies in France, the Leaders Cup, which is organised by the LNB (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) and staged at the Disney® Events Arena at Disneyland® Paris.

In an arena packed with nearly 5,000 spectators, the Final Eight teams of France’s premier basketball league competed for the Leaders Cup in a high-octane environment, complete with dazzling lighting effects, high SPL concert sound and half-time entertainment from dancers and cheerleaders.

To mark this highlight of their calendar, the Ligue Nationale has announced the signing of a technical sponsorship deal with NEXO, which will see  the company’s systems widely used in professional basketball throughout France.

As explained by Alain Beral, President of the LNB:

Sound is an integral part of the experience offered to our fans. 

NEXO’s expertise, both in terms of new projects and full renovations, will allow the LNB and its clubs to rely on an efficient and reliable partner for professional audio solutions.

NEXO’s Engineering Support Team was in attendance at Disneyland® Paris for the Leaders Cup weekend, looking after a main arena system, which combined NEXO’s STM M28 modular line array cabinets and S118 subs for LF coverage, complemented by clusters of NEXO GEO M6 aimed at VIP and press seating. All loudspeakers were flown from a central point, connected using a redundant Dante network, from a Yamaha 01V96 console to NEXO’s NXAMP4x4 amplifiers.

VIPs and press were also entertained by NEXO’s brand-new ID Series super-compact loudspeakers, teamed with ID S110 subs, among the first units being used anywhere in the world.




Specialist integrator, SLX Sp. z o.o. has completed the design and installation of a state-of-the-art sound system for the new Tychy Municipal Stadium. Located in the city of Tychy, the 15,300-capacity venue is one of the finest sports facilities in the southern Polish region of Silesia. 

Home to the football team GKS Tychy, the new stadium has been designed to meet the requirements of UEFA and FIFA and as a true multifunctional venue for concerts, cultural and artistic events, fairs and conferences. In addition to the main sports arena, with six commentary positions, the site comprises restaurants, conference rooms, two TV studios, VIP lounges and impressive amenities for players and athletes. The stadium not only creates a striking new landmark, but is intended to become a showcase for the city.

For the main arena sound system, SLX designed a system using sixty-eight Community R SERIES R.5HP loudspeakers, deployed in pairs along the outer edge of the stadium’s 360-degree canopy. Each pair of loudspeakers is arrayed to provide even coverage of the front and rear tiered seats. The high power three-way R.5HP offers high sensitivity and mid-range clarity with vocal projection and intelligibility maximised over distance. A further two Community R2-94 loudspeakers cover the playing field.


Loudspeaker performance is optimised by a Community dSPEC 226 DSP processor and the Community loudspeakers are driven by six Dynacord DSA 8410 4-channel amplifiers and a DSA 8405 amplifier. The whole system is operated on a Dynacord P64 audio matrix that connects all devices in an IRIS-Net network, allowing monitoring and control from a PC. The system is controlled from the main commentary position via the PC and a Dynacord CMS 1600-3. Genelec monitors and Sennheiser wireless microphones complete the system.

SLX additionally installed an APS-APROSYS eight-zone modular voice alarm system, from Swiss manufacturer g + m electronics. The alarm system is fully integrated with the main sound system and also operates in all the stadium’s public, commercial and technical spaces and the underground car park. In the case of an emergency, the safety system has full priority and all other signals are automatically muted, with absolute priority for the fire officer’s microphone.

Tommex Żebrowscy Sp. J. supplied the main equipment and provided technical support for the project.

Marcin Zimny, Commercial Director of Tommex, commented:

SLX has designed and installed an outstanding system for the entertainment and safety of visitors to Tychy Municipal Stadium. All elements of the system have a proven track record for reliability and the sound in the main arena is clear and even across all seating areas, ensuring spectators’ maximum enjoyment of all events.



Located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the new Kolodruma Velodrome and multifunctional indoor arena is the only indoor velodrome in Bulgaria and the largest in the Balkans.

The designer of the venue is Dutch architect, Sander Douma, creator of some of the largest velodromes in Europe, the most notable the ones in Athens, Monte Carlo, Palma de Majorca and Manchester.

In addition to cycling, the arena can host 22 other sports and operates as a concert venue. It has a seating capacity of 4,800 to 7,500 spectators, depending on its use and configuration. The complex also has large underground car parking, a modern press centre, dressing rooms, coaching facilities, a sports and recreational centre, restaurants and a large retail store for a wide variety of sports merchandise.

The audio systems for Kolodruma Velodrome were designed and installed by ProAudio Ltd.

Stanislav Petrov, Managing Director of ProAudio Ltd, said:

We were involved in the project from its original design, and were chosen for our experience in similar large-scale projects in Bulgaria.

For the main arena, ProAudio Ltd designed a distributed system using Community R SERIES loudspeakers. The system consists of ten R SERIES R2-94’s, four R2-77’s, eighteen R1-64’s, thirty-six R1-94’s, twenty R.5-99’s and twenty-two I215LVS subwoofers.

Petrov commented:

The R SERIES has a proven track record for audio quality, with outstanding intelligibility and reliability. Importantly, the extensive range also provides the choice of power levels and coverage patterns required for a system accurately tailored to the venue. Our measurements, with NTi test equipment, showed a very even SPL from 100 to 103 dB and STI from 0.57 to 0.69 (room empty) across the venue.

Each Community loudspeaker is powered by a single QSC CX amp channel, controlled via a QSC Q-Sys DSP. Audio sources for the systems are Audio-Technica mics and TASCAM combination media player/recorders. ProAudio Ltd also designed and installed the velodrome’s separate TOA VX-2000 based voice evacuation system.

Petrov added:

This is a large and prestigious national project, so we are pleased to have delivered a system that provides excellent results. Visitors can enjoy excellent audio quality wherever they sit and both the main contractor and Kolodruma’s investors are extremely happy with the result.


Kolodruma Velodrome has been fitted with the latest in sound thanks to ProAudio Ltd and Community loudspeakers.

Kolodruma Velodrome has been fitted with a sound system that delivers excellent results. Images courtesy: ProAudio Ltd and Community loudspeakers.

Sound system for new Korean venue

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South Korea will host the XVII Asian Games in and around Incheon, located near to the country’s capital, Seoul, this September. Korea has previously hosted the Asian Games in 1986, closely followed by the 1988 Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup in 2002. More than a decade later, new venues were needed for the 2014 event.

While it is not one of the Asian Games’ official venues, the newly-built Ansan Evergreen Gymnasium will host volleyball and kabaddi up to the quarter final stages. Designed as a multipurpose space, the gymnasium will be home to the Ansan volleyball team and other sporting events, and will also host music and cultural events.

Audio company Daikyung Vascom provided the sound system, which features a Renkus-Heinz PN102 line array system. As Yang-Su Yun, manager of Daikyung Vascom’s RPS business division, explains, the project was a bit out of the ordinary.

Yang-Su Yun advised:

This building is owned by the government, which isn’t very common for a venue like this. The local council based at Ansan City Hall wanted the building to function as both a sporting venue and a concert hall, and hence they needed a very good, high-performance speaker system. Other strict criteria were sound quality and functionality, both of which were extremely important factors in choosing the Renkus-Heinz system.

He also observed that Daikyung Vascom had previously installed a system at the Ansan City Hall, and has a good working relationship with the council, “they are familiar with our work, and they really appreciate the after sales service we provide.”

The main system in the hall comprises 32 PN102LAR array loudspeakers, configured as four arrays of eight cabinets each, 90 degrees apart. The arrays are positioned on each corner of a centrally-flown block which houses four large screens, so that spectators on all four sides of the hall have a close up view of the action. Additional fills are provided by four PN121-series two-way cabinets, as well as five ST4 three-way systems and a pair of CFX151 boxes. Four DR18-2 and two PN112SUB subwoofers provide low frequency reinforcement.

Daikyung Vascom’s CEO, Patrick Han, advised:

The PN102 line arrays were selected for their accurate and even coverage pattern, providing consistent coverage to every seat in the hall. RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) control was another important factor in selecting the system, enabling networked DSP control over the entire system.

Flexibility was the keyword when it came to designing the space, which will be hosting a wide variety of events. Permanent seats are available in the upper part of the hall, while bleacher-style seating along the hall’s two longer walls is retractable and can be folded back to the walls to accommodate more people. A stage can be constructed at the far end of the hall for large concerts. When being used in this configuration, temporary seating can be set up on the floor of the gymnasium, and a total of around 3,000 people can be accommodated.

The system design was carried out by Daikyung Vascom’s sales team, together with local systems integration specialist Sinwoo. Working closely with Daikyung Vascom, Sinwoo’s Byung-Sun Ahn designed a system that would be optimal for the space. The team used EASE acoustic prediction software to map the room and define its sound qualities.

Mr Ahn said:

This was the first time I’ve worked with Renkus-Heinz. I checked the specifications and references of the Renkus-Heinz speakers, and when I simulated them to fit the space I got very good results. The actual performance of the speakers was very close to what we’d predicted with EASE. I’m very satisfied with the system. I also really appreciated being able to use RHAON to tune the system, especially the mid frequencies.

As for Ansan Urban Corporation’s Mr Kim, he is of the opinion that the speakers offer the best possible functionality for concert sound, providing high SPLs when required.

Mr Kim said:

Once we are able to put on concerts here, the system will prove itself as really good for this kind of event, while also being able to provide intelligibility and clarity when the hall is being used for our sporting events.

Ansan Evergreen Gymnasium now boasts a state of the art sound system to complement its clean architectural design and functionality. The signs are positive that the new sporting venue will contribute to a successful and uplifting Asian Games later this year, providing a panacea that South Korea needs.


Many of the new build & renovation projects recently completed, unveiled and underway in the Asia Pacific region will be discussed at this September’s must-attend event, Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific, which boasts more than 50 industry-elite speakers.

Key projects to be in the spotlight during the event include the new Singapore Sports Hub (the conference & exhibition’s host venue), Japan’s new National Stadium, the new Perth Stadium, the new Atlanta Falcons NFL Stadium, and a number of Australian projects.

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Chizhovka-Arena in Minsk, Belarus

Art Ramos Studio a.l.c., Community’s partner in Belarus, has recently overseen the installation of the audio systems at the Chizhovka-Arena in Minsk, featuring Community loudspeakers. The arena is a multipurpose complex for ice hockey, sports, leisure and entertainment and is the home ground of HC Yunost-Minsk.

Chizhovka-Arena was built for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Ice Hockey World Championship that took place in Minsk in May. In addition to the tens of thousands of fans that travelled to see the event live, the IIHF’s flagship event was televised to 115 countries with television audience around the 1,000 million mark.

Chizhovka-Arena is located in the southeastern part of Minsk in a picturesque nook of a park named after the 900th anniversary of the city. Designed by Marat Grodnikov, the arena resembles two drops of water flowing into each other. The modern design fits well into the landscape of the Chizhovka Water Reservoir.

Chizhovka-Arena in Minsk, Belarus

Community loudspeakers in Chizhovka-Arena in Minsk, Belarus

The main building, an ice hockey arena with multipurpose use for concerts, basketball and other events, seats 10,000. The second building consists of a small ice hockey training arena with 500 seats and a multipurpose sports hall with 740 seats, used for basketball, handball, gymnastics and other sports. This sports hall is also frequently used by television companies for filming TV shows. The two buildings are connected by a junction with conference and press rooms, shops, restaurants and cafés.

An original proposal was modified with a system design by Art Ramos Studio engineers, Alexey Sayganov and Alexandr Malets and the project was awarded by tender, complying with the obligatory procedure for all governmental purchases. Anton Streltsov, Deputy Director of Art Ramos Studio, commented:

Our proposal was chosen as it offered excellent value to the customer and met the requirements of the arena with a very modern approach.

The installation was handled by BelElectroMontazh, with supervision and support from Art Ramos Studio. Throughout the complex the system uses 238 Community Distributed Design Series ceiling loudspeakers and 432 Distributed Design surface-mount loudspeakers, supplied in a combination of black and white finishes to best complement their locations. In addition, eight Community R.5HP three-way coaxial, 12-inch loudspeakers were used to cover the ice hockey pitch in the main arena.

All loudspeakers are part of the EVAC/fire alarm system, for which separate certification was made in Belarus. The loudspeaker lines and loudspeakers are all controlled by QSC Q-SYS which monitors for loudspeaker, cable and short circuit faults.

Five separate Q-SYS systems are used to cover all areas of the complex, including the large arena seating, corridors, foyers, halls, cafés and restaurants, the small arena’s ice hockey area, the small arena’s sports hall, the small arena’s corridors, foyers and halls and the junction between the two arenas. The system includes a DiGiCo SD11 mixer, QSC amplifiers and Beyerdynamic microphones.

Anton Streltsov concluded:

Our team was extremely satisfied with the system’s results. With Community we know we can always deliver outstanding sound quality and reliability. Our engineers were particularly impressed by the uniformity of the SPL we achieved on the ice hockey pitch using R.5HP speakers, which is really important as players move so fast under adjacent loudspeakers. It was the best result of any similar installation.