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Lagardère Unlimited acquires UFA Sports

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Lagardère Unlimited has announced its acquisition of UFA Sports, the European-based sports marketing subsidiary of RTL Group founded in 2008.

With this purchase Lagardère Unlimited reinforces its football and media assets, especially in Europe, and expands its portfolio of football marketing activities in Germany, Poland and Slovakia. As a subsidiary of Lagardère Unlimited, UFA Sports will continue to operate its football marketing activities in Germany as a separate and independent entity within the Lagardère Unlimited network of businesses.

In addition, Lagardère Unlimited will strengthen its senior management team with Stefan Felsing, Robert Müller von Vultejus, Nikolaus von Doetinchem and Karsten Mahlmann agreeing to stay on board in full-time roles, with current Managing Director, Philip Cordes, remaining on board as a consultant.

Andrew Georgiou, Chief Operating Officer of Lagardère Unlimited, said:

We are delighted to welcome UFA Sports to the Lagardère Unlimited family. This acquisition underlines Lagardère Unlimited’s strategy of strengthening its position in football globally and attracting the industry’s best talent. Since its foundation, UFA Sports has grown significantly and has developed an impressive portfolio of assets that will complement the existing businesses of Lagardère Unlimited very well. We are very happy with our agreement with RTL Group and that the management of UFA Sports has chosen to work with Lagardère Unlimited and we look forward to continuing to grow our businesses.

Robert Müller von Vultejus, Managing Director UFA Sports, commented:

The new leadership of Lagardère Unlimited has successfully started to unlock the true potential of their various positions in sports and we therefore believe Lagardère Unlimited provides for the best environment to further expand and grow our business.

Stefan Felsing, Managing Director UFA Sports:

Lagardère Unlimited is a strong shareholder with a long term vision. We’re looking forward to working with Lagardère Unlimited to benefit from the global network and are happy to come back in the group because we like the new direction.

The deal is still subject to regulatory approval from the German competition authorities and this process is expected to take between four to six weeks.

Paris-Bercy Palais Omnisports to boost Hand Star Game

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Paris-Bercy Palais Omnisports is hosting its first Hand Star Game on 7 December. The arena will provide 14,500 fans with this first ever event starring the best handball players in the Fench Handball League (LNH). LNH is promoting the event together with Sportfive. Philippe Bernat-Salles, President LNH said:

The Hand Star Game will be the one of the landmark events that will punctuate a season-long and thrilling sports programme, alongside other key events such as the Champions’ Trophy, the League Cup and the Handball Night.

LNH is using player selection to drive fan interactivity through the autumn build-up, parnering with L’Equipe 21 as official broadcaster. Paris-Bercy Palais Omnisport will then put on an exceptional show around three 20-minute periods. The public will be invited to take part in various features throughout the event.

Photo courtesy Paris-Bercy Palais Omnisport. Copyright DVVD.