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Fans of Football League clubs in England will have the opportunity to enjoy new club-branded official mobile applications following the signing of a ground-breaking seven-year agreement between The Football League and intechnologyWiFi.

The new apps will provide fans of participating clubs with a free digital hub featuring real-time content on their club, including the latest news, social media content, commentary, highlights and statistics, as well as betting – delivered in association with the League’s title sponsor, Sky Bet.

Fans will be able to access and use the new mobile apps seamlessly, 365 days a year – even inside busy stadiums on matchdays, thanks to the state-of-the-art, high-capacity stadium WiFi networks that intechnologyWiFi will deliver as part of the deal. Rather than facilitating open access to the internet, the combination of the stadium WiFi network and mobile application is designed to deliver the complete digital matchday experience to supporters.

Both the development and delivery of the new mobile apps and the installation and management of the stadium WiFi networks will be delivered by intechnologyWiFi at no cost to The Football League, its clubs or their fans.  Instead, intechnologyWiFi will facilitate a host of new revenue generation opportunities to clubs.

The club mobile applications are being developed for iOS and Android users, and will be free to download from the respective app stores.

Shaun Harvey, the Chief Executive of The Football League, said:

I am absolutely delighted to welcome intechnologyWiFi to working with The Football League and its clubs.

Once again, The Football League is leading the way with regard to delivering digital solutions to its member clubs, so that they can enhance the supporter experience at their matches. The fact that intechnologyWiFi is able to deliver this solution at no cost, while also facilitating new revenue streams for our clubs, made this a compelling proposition.

Peter Wilkinson, CEO, Intechnology plc, said:
This deal is a much-needed game-changer for the football fan wanting to enjoy their sport to the fullest and get closer to their club than ever before.

Anyone who has tried to log-on in a stadium during a busy football match will know the sheer frustration of poor connectivity caused by bad WiFi or overburdened cellular networks (i.e. 3G or 4G), which can also be hugely expensive (in terms of data) for users. Our solution will revolutionise the digital match-day experience for fans, harnessing the power of great WiFi connectivity and the smartphone in the palm of their hand to deliver a market-defining digital content offering.

Footy fans visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) this AFL season are set to enjoy world-class connectivity, with a high-density, free Wi-Fi network as well as improved 3G and 4G mobile network coverage available for the AFL season.
The new technology infrastructure transforms the MCG into the most connected stadium in the southern hemisphere and will significantly improve the fan experience throughout the venue.

MCG Free Wi-Fi

The state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network is free, and allows fans to access real-time and interactive content, post and check in on social networks, use apps to check fantasy team scores and stream video – all without tapping into their own mobile data plans.

Melbourne Cricket Club’s (MCC) CEO, Stephen Gough, said:

We are delighted to be able to offer an improved MCG experience for the 2016 AFL season, with visitors able to stay connected wherever they are in the stadium.

Since December, more than 50,000 MCG patrons have connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Unsurprisingly, the longer-form Test matches played over the summer attracted more Wi-Fi users and data usage compared to the shorter BBL games  with day one of the Boxing Day Test recording the highest data use to date.

Gough added:

We have received fantastic feedback about the free Wi-Fi throughout the summer and look forward to seeing how fans enjoy the enhanced connectivity during the AFL season.

There are some big games scheduled for the MCG in Round 1, and we encourage everyone to connect and make the most of the improvements.

The scale of the Wi-Fi project is on par with the world’s best and biggest stadiums, with more than 227km of cable installed to enable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire stadium.

Put into context, that is enough cable to wrap around the hallowed turf almost 480 times, or stretch from the MCG to Yarrawonga, on the New South Wales border.

Gough concluded:

This project has involved significant investment by the MCC, and we have worked closely with our partners – including Cockram Construction, IBM and Cisco – to find the most appropriate and long-term technology solutions for the MCG and our patrons.

Fans will need to complete a one-off registration to connect to the Wi-Fi when first visiting the MCG for the AFL season – and can simply reconnect on future visits. Those who have connected during the cricket season will need to re-register for the AFL season.

Enhanced 3G and 4G coverage

Fans will also find it easier to use their mobile device wherever they are in the MCG. Telstra led the installation of the largest Distributed Antenna System (DAS) of its kind to improve the 3G and 4G mobile connectivity within the stadium.

Mike Wright, Telstra Group Managing Director, Networks, said:

The design, collaboration and construction of core infrastructure has taken over two years and required an extraordinary amount of technology needed to connect up to 100,000 fans. It’s the equivalent of providing network coverage for Ballarat and Shepparton – towns with a combined population of more than 100,000 people across nearly 400 square kilometres – but compressed within the confines of the MCG. This will provide spectators with a world-class experience when they use their device from anywhere in the ground, to stream video, browse the internet, upload photos to social media, receive telephone calls and access content on apps.

Cisco Systems’ Director, Jonathon Dixon, said:

Fan expectations are greater than ever, mandating a more connected sporting venue that enables fans to share and consume relevant content and services, while engaging with more people from any device, anywhere in the stadium. Cisco is excited and honoured to be a part of the MCG’s long-term road map for transforming one of the most historic stadiums in world and creating unimaginable new experiences for fans in the future.

The MCG’s General Manager, Commercial Operations, Gavin Corcoran, provides insights for the Fan Engagement roundtable-style feature running in our Q1 edition, which goes to print this week, with the digital edition to be available for download from next week.

The MCG’s Arenas Operations Manager, Tony Gordon, also provides his expert opinions for another major industry feature running in this issue, which offers advice on how to keep your playing surface in perfect condition.

Our Q1 edition also includes a Regional Market Report highlighting sports venue projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech Global, gives us an exclusive insight into how Fan Engagement can boost a sports venues’ Waste Diversion goals.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption, about 1.3 billion tons, is lost or wasted each year, enough food to fill as many as 730 stadiums. The gravity of this waste occurrence has spurred a movement to reduce and divert food waste across the globe.

In the summer of 2014 the European Union issued measures to ban the landfilling of organics by 2025 and additionally will start requesting that 7,000 of their largest public companies report on environmental matters beginning in 2017. Just this past September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to announce a nationwide goal to reduce U.S. food waste by 50 percent by 2030.

Stadiums Need To Participate

Because stadiums around the world draw millions of spectators each year, only a number of them are meeting the challenge of implementing waste minimisation strategies or revamping their material management and sustainability programs to help address and solve this issue.

At no fault of their own, some stadiums often look to the easiest solution without considering the environmental implications. They blindly rely on their hauler to make the largest component of their waste, food waste, just disappear. There are others, however, that are using an innovative way to reduce, divert, and dispose of the food waste at the point of generation aligning their goals with that of the worlds.

Onsite aerobic digestion is the process in which a machine uses oxygen, water, agitation and microorganisms to breakdown food waste into a liquid effluent that can be safely discharged to the sewer system. This process is far more effective and environmentally friendly in the war on diversion from landfill than hauls to distant compost or AD facilities.

But it is important to draw focus to the FDA’s food waste hierarchy that suggests the best way to dispose of food waste is to produce less of it in the first place. In this “source reduction” phase, the idea would be to use a tool that quantifies what is being wasted in order to adjust what is purchased, prepared and consumed so that tomorrow less is wasted and less is disposed of.

The Eco-Safe Digester is two solutions in one

In order to acquire this level of detailed data in a multi-food venue operation, a stadium would need a smart technology solution that collects and reports this kind of data.

While its main objective is to sit quietly in the back of the house, BioHiTech’s Eco-Safe Digester continuously digests food waste throughout the day eliminating the need to drag bagged heavy wet waste to the compactor. It then measures each increment of waste during the digestion process and sends the detailed data to a cloud platform.

Stadium managers and owners have immediate access to the waste information to track and monitor the origin of the waste to make the necessary adjustments affecting sourcing, handling and ultimately prevention while dining services workers use the digester in a manner that makes them more efficient in the management of the material.

This sustainable approach consequently saves them thousands of dollars per game while reducing landfill waste.

BioHitech America's Eco-Safe Digesters 800, 1200, 1800 This image is protected by US Copyright Law and is licensed for public relations use only. To purchase further usage rights please contact Joseph A. Sorrentino at 973-662-1582 or

BioHitech America’s Eco-Safe Digesters 800, 1200, 1800
This image is protected by US Copyright Law and is licensed for public relations use only. To purchase further usage rights please contact Joseph A. Sorrentino at 973-662-1582 or

BioHitech America's Eco-Safe Digesters 800, 1200, 1800 This image is protected by US Copyright Law and is licensed for public relations use only. To purchase further usage rights please contact Joseph A. Sorrentino at 973-662-1582 or

BioHitech America’s Eco-Safe Digesters 800, 1200, 1800
This image is protected by US Copyright Law and is licensed for public relations use only. To purchase further usage rights please contact Joseph A. Sorrentino at 973-662-1582 or

Motivating fans is the key to success

One of the most important aspects of an effective sustainability and waste management program is communication. BioHiTech’s smart management tool can communicate a stadium’s sustainability and waste management progress throughout each game to foster fan engagement and boost participation of diversion goals.

Food waste diversion results, as well as the environmental impact, can be communicated to the fans through the use of digital in-stadium billboards, by incorporating athletes into the stadium’s environmental campaign, and tying give-aways to participation. All communication methods will help stadiums of all sizes achieve a sustainable outcome.

Stadiums incorporating this unique customer-facing food waste diversion technology can expect increased efficiencies and cost savings while offering a sustainable guest experience.




Intellitix was honoured with the award of “Best Technology Provider” at the Event Production Awards (EPAs), February 12th 2016.

Now in its fifth year, the EPAs serve to recognise excellence among event organisers, production teams and suppliers within the indoor and outdoor events industries. The awards panel bestowed the accolade upon Intellitix for their innovative work with Snowbombing, Tomorrowland, Carolina Country Music Fest and WayHome Festival.

Last year Intellitix launched the InstaBand – instant, on-demand thermal printing of RFID wristbands for box office operations and fixed-seating environments. The IntelliPad also made its debut across various festivals last year, providing a hardware solution for smaller cashless events that reduces build-up time and saves on infrastructure costs.

Gareth Deakin, UK Director of New Business at Intellitix said:

We are thrilled to have been awarded “Best Technology Provider” at this year’s Event Production Awards and this win is a true reflection of the hard work by the Intellitix team. This year we think there will be a major growth in cashless and we look forward to introducing the enhanced version of IntelliPay alongside other services we will be rolling out throughout 2016.

The judging panel commented:

Intellitix really seemed to have produced industry changing products with clear and interesting submissions.

It was tough to judge this category with so many standout entries and each developing technology which is paramount to achieving quality feedback from clients and helping them achieve the goals set… Intellitix edged it with the quality of entry and supporting information.

Gavin Barnard, UK Director of Partnerships at Intellitix added:

It is brilliant to have joined such an inspirational team innovating the use of technology across some of the world’s best festivals, sporting and live events. We want to thank the EPA’s for the recognition of the team’s contribution to the industry and we look forward to working with more events this year.

Intellitix’s contribution of event tech innovation to the world’s best festivals and live events continues full force with an expanded global team spanning across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

In this industry Q&A, we hear from Fiona Southam, Sales Director, Sports & Entertainment, at Oracle Hospitality.

Q: Can you give our readers an idea about the solutions that you offer the sports venue sector and the key aims and drivers behind them?

A: Oracle Hospitality delivers a reliable technology platform robust enough to provide catering at exceptional speed to tens of thousands of fans, even during high-volume periods. We design industryspecific technology tailored to maximise efficiency, minimise waste, and enhance the fan experience. Our solutions include point of service software and hardware, inventory and stock management, gift & loyalty, reporting & analytics, labour management and payment solutions. One of the other great strengths of the Oracle Hospitality suites is the ability to integrate to multiple third-party solutions to provide the stadium with consolidated data and visibility across the entire operation.

Q: On major sports projects do you normally deal with a specific group, such as the venue operators or concessionaires, or do you actively look to work with as wide a range of people as possible?

A: There could be a variety of teams involved that all have their own specific business requirements. It’s great when we do get many views involved because then we are sure that we are covering the needs of all parties and that at the end of the day all groups are receiving the best possible solution.

Q: It was only last year that it was announced that Oracle was acquiring MICROS. Can you talk us thought how that process of integration has been and how that has helped in terms of your intention to be a dominant player in the Sports & Entertainment sector?

A: That is correct, and it has been a busy 12 months! Oracle Hospitality has continued its drive to provide specific teams and industry expertise in the various lines of business. Funds for development under Oracle have significantly increased over that which was dedicated under MICROS Systems Inc. Sports and Entertainment is an area of great excitement for Oracle. It doesn’t just touch the operational side of the stadium, operators, we get to engage with the consumer and make a real difference to the fan’s experience. So yes, it sure has been a positive move for our solutions (and our customers) and with so much excitement around engagement at the moment, you can expect to see even more disruptive innovation from Oracle.

Q: During our Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific event in Singapore, you took part in an expert panel discussing the issue of revenue generation for stadiums and arenas. Can you explain about how your products help venue owners, operators and concessionaires unlock new revenue streams or further enhance new streams?

A: At the core of any solution which is designed to maximise yield and reduce costs, you need a great foundation. Orders need to be placed accurately and quickly, exploiting any opportunity to ensure the maximisation of the sale and increase of the average check. Information needs to be up to date and representative of what you have to promote. There are limited opportunities to sell to the fan, so we need to be conscious of optimising every interaction. This is true not just for the concession operators, but also the engagement with the fan. Through engaged programming we ensure the maximum return. This is also supported by various facets of technology, for example in seat ordering and seamless integration to third party systems (such as digital signage and cashless payments) that allow us to ensure that the business goals are surpassed.

Q: One issue which is at the forefront of all clubs and venues is that of enhancing fan engagement or providing an incredible match day experience. How does your technology help in this regard? Is mobile technology an increasingly important part of your services for customers and what do you consider the key characteristics that it needs to offer?

A: It’s all about the fan. We support the operators with the collection of information and turning this information into useable content to enable that sophisticated engagement. Mobile and putting the reins into the hands of the fan is extremely important – our solutions tap into the engagement of the fan and ensure that we capture and report accurately to the business. Again, using that important transactional information, we can keep the fan well informed of various components of their interaction – for example, how long till they get their order? What is the anticipated wait time at various concessions? Promotions based on locations, can they pay cashless, what does the item look like and so on. Providing that information to the consumer will help increase average sales as well as support providing an amazing experience at the venue. Of course, we also want to be able to service across the generations and needs of the fans – so we need to back up the innovation side with reliable and accurate tools for the operators to service the customers.

Q: Although you are a successful global organisation, are there any specific regions which you have identified as being key targets for future growth in terms of sports projects?

A: We have a great installation base in North America and Canada, installations at stadiums and arenas across many kinds of sport and entertainment venues. We think Asia Pacific is a market that is maturing with so many innovative operators in the region. We look forward to supporting their goal of setting the standard of how things are done in the stadium market. Oracle Hospitality has a dedicated team to manage the stadiums in Asia Pacific and we are certainly ready for the groundswell we believe is on its way!

Q:  Are most of your projects retrofit of existing stadia rather than new build? Is this likely to continue in your opinion?

A: With so many stadiums under construction in our region, we see a great opportunity for innovative technology in these new venues. Increasingly though, the existing venues are really starting to look at their technology as they aim to drive more business by becoming multi-use environments. Space in the venues is also of the utmost importance and holds potential for additional revenue. Outsourcing technology to the cloud enables the operators to better utilise space and resources in order to lower their total cost of ownership.


For further information, contact Fiona Southam, Sales Director, Sports & Entertainment, Oracle Hospitality, e: or visit the website at:



Wincor Nixdorf recently announced that it has entered the hospitality market to offer stadia and entertainment venues the ability to maximise revenue opportunities. The move is supported by the launch of cloud-based Kappture PoS software to help venues deliver seamless payment solutions, and an enhanced customer experience.

Backed by Wincor Nixdorf’s strong foundation in retail, the company’s innovative cloud-based, tablet point-of-sale (POS) solution will be available to provide real-time payment data, allowing financial, IT and operational staff to gain a complete picture of performance across a venue to make important sales decisions and reduce support calls as a result.

With 83 per cent of stadium visitors buying drinks and 74 per cent buying food on match days[1], there is a need for efficient payments to meet ongoing demand. As part of the solution, the POS software manages credit and debit card transactions, including contactless payments and wristband payments. The move will build on Wincor Nixdorf’s already strong global foundation and accelerate the company’s position in hospitality, attracting customers worldwide.

Wincor Nixdorf’s entry into the hospitality market builds on the success of its most recent new business win with the Rugby Football Union (RFU), thanks to its partnership with Addvance IT. The solution has been selected by Twickenham Stadium (pictured above) for its speed of transactions, customer service benefits, ease of operation and access to real-time business information.

Craig Bevan, Managing Director, Retail at Wincor Nixdorf, said:

We are delighted to be working with stadia and entertainment venues globally to enable them to deliver efficient transactions. Using our proven ability in retail, we will ensure high uptime of checkouts to provide maximum revenue opportunities and most importantly, help to ensure that customers receive a quick and easy payment experience.


[1] Data gathered from Future Foundation


Revenue Optimisation and Technology in Stadia are just two of the special conference roundtable sessions that will be held during next week’s unmissable Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 event – the region’s largest conference & exhibition for sports venue design, build, management, operation, fit-out and technology. Over 50 industry expert speakers (including many end-users) will be imparting their invaluable knowledge and advice, with 40+ industry-leading producers and suppliers to be showcasing their innovative products and solutions. If you haven’t already secured your place, then make sure to register online TODAY at:


If you haven't already registered to attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015, then make sure to do so online today at:

If you haven’t already registered to attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015, then make sure to do so online today at:

The full capabilities of Zinwave’s unified connectivity platform will be explained during a Virtual Stadium Technology Showcase session on Day II (September 29) of next week’s Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 event.

Zinwave Ltd, global providers of a unified connectivity platform for in-building wireless and IP coverage, will be leading a discussion titled ‘Providing wireless capacity within a high density stadium environment’ during the conference, which is being held at the Singapore Sports Hub from 28-30 September. (Zinwave personnel will be available on their booth, number B12, for further information and to discuss your venue’s needs.)

The discussion is being led by Derek Paton, President, International of Zinwave. Paton has over 30 years’ experience in wireless and international telecoms, and has worked all over the world in various senior roles, focusing particularly on specialist wireless coverage solutions for high density buildings.

Paton will also be participating in a roundtable discussion on ‘Technology in Stadia – key considerations when assessing requirements for your own venue’, which will take place at 12pm on Day III of the conference, September 30. This session will examine the key considerations of satisfying wireless and Wi-Fi coverage requirements in large stadium deployments, focusing particularly on the renovation of existing communications networks and infrastructures, with PanStadia & Arena Management’s Katie McIntyre as the panel moderator.

Zinwave has recently integrated WiFi3™ technology into its proprietary wideband distributed antenna system (DAS) to deliver the industry’s first dedicated high density, multi-channel wireless and Wi-Fi coverage solution. Zinwave’s Wi-Fi-enhanced solution, called UNIaccess and part of the UNItivity product portfolio, has been specifically designed to address the high-density network requirements of large sports stadiums and arenas.

UNItivity supports any combination of wireless and IP services between 150MHz-2700MHz on a single hardware layer, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme. It is also the only system to support multiple FDD and TDD LTE services simultaneously across any spectrum allocated globally.

Paton commented:

In large stadium deployments, coverage and capacity requirements must be properly managed to deliver a positive experience for fans. UNItivity is the most flexible platform in the market, supporting all global standards (current and future) on a single hardware layer. Adding high capacity Wi-Fi onto our already proven DAS offering means we have an integrated solution to manage wireless and Wi-Fi requirements unmatched by any other vendor.



About Zinwave

Zinwave is a global provider of a unified connectivity platform for in-building wireless and IP coverage. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, England, with regional offices in San Jose and Macau.

The company’s RF planning, programme management and execution teams are highly skilled, with extensive experience in all areas of wireless communications and international telecoms. Sales activities are global and the company has established relationships with all major operators, system integrators and neutral host providers.

Zinwave is a subsidiary of McWane Inc. ( a privately held US manufacturing company and owners of a global group of wireless technology companies.

For further information, go to:


Zinwave is one of 40+ industry-leading companies exhibiting at next week’s Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific conference & exhibition (PanStadia & Arena Management’s ‘live’ event). In addition, Zinwave’s President, International, Derek Paton, is just one of 50+ experts speaking at this must-attend event.

If you haven't already registered to attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015, then make sure to do so online today at:

If you haven’t already registered to attend Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015, then make sure to do so online today at:

Leading sports and entertainment presenter, AEG, and mobile upgrade app Pogoseat®, have entered into a new partnership that will provide fans the opportunity to upgrade their seats and purchase one-of-a-kind VIP upgrades at sports and entertainment events at AEG Facilities-owned or affiliated venues.

The Pogoseat technology will initially be integrated into ticketing and the AXS Mobile Ticketing App at select AEG affiliated venues and events, with the potential to grow within AEG Facilities’ global portfolio of world-class venues. As part of the agreement, AEG will also receive equity securities of Pogoseat®.

Evan Owens, CEO of Pogoseat, said:

Pogoseat provides fans with a way to upgrade and customize their live-event experiences. The value is inherent for fans, event promoters and venue owners alike. The sheer volume of high-demand sporting and entertainment events presented by AEG at AEG-owned or affiliated venues through ticketing provides us with an incredible opportunity for growth on a global level.

Event-goers will be able to use the AXS Mobile App or visit to search for available seat upgrades and can see images that show the view from a particular seat before they purchase the upgrade. Fans can then select the tickets they want to upgrade to, and will then receive a credit for the price of their original seat toward the purchase of the upgraded seats. The credit is based off a competitive pricing structure, which takes into account at what point in the event the upgrade was purchased.

Upon completing an upgrade purchase, the fan can use their digital upgrade tickets to move to their new seats.

In addition to real-time seat upgrades, teams and venues are also able to utilise the upgrade platform to offer fans unique opportunities to purchase VIP experiences. VIP experiences are customisable to each team and/or venue and can range from behind-the-scenes meet-and-greet opportunities to exclusive autographed merchandise and other specially created experiences and items.

Nick Baker, Sr. Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships, said:

We have a fan-first approach when it comes to any partnership agreement and the Pogoseat partnership is a perfect example. The Pogoseat integration not only enhances the fan experience through available seating and VIP experience upgrades, but also allows us to increase revenue while receiving insights to help us get to know our fans even better. Additionally, the partnership provides a platform for other partners to get involved to reach passionate fans through sponsored upgrades, VIP experiences and other amenities they can provide.


Pogoseat is an enterprise solution for sports teams and live-entertainment venues that enables their fans to upgrade seats and purchase unique VIP experiences before and during events. Pogoseat’s mobile application allows fans to improve their live entertainment experience and provides teams & venues a platform to increase fan engagement, monetize unused inventory and gather data that can be used to enhance the fan experience and sell additional tickets.

Pogoseat is partnered with professional & collegiate sports teams as well as select concert & theatre venues. Pogoseat is also integrated with back-end ticketing systems, creating a turnkey solution that automates the upgrade process. For additional information, visit


AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, owns or is affiliated with a collection of companies including over 100 of the world’s preeminent facilities such as STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, CA), StubHub Center (Carson, CA), Best Buy Theater (Times Square, New York), Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai, China), Allphones Arena (Sydney, Australia), Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Center and The O2 arena and entertainment district (London, England). Developed by AEG, L.A. LIVE is a 4 million square foot / $3 billion downtown Los Angeles sports, & entertainment district featuring Microsoft Theater, the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium 14 theater, 19 restaurants, the GRAMMY® Museum and a 54-story, 1001-room convention “headquarters” hotel/destination. In addition to overseeing privately held management shares of the Los Angeles Lakers, assets of AEG Sports include franchises such as the LA Kings, LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo and the Amgen Tour of California cycling race. Along with AEG Facilities, other global divisions include AEG Live, the world’s second largest concert promotion and touring companies comprised of touring, festival, exhibition, broadcast, merchandise and special event divisions and AEG Global Partnerships, responsible for worldwide sales and servicing of sponsorships, naming rights and other strategic partnerships. In 2010, AEG launched its AEG 1EARTH environmental program featuring the industry’s first sustainability report while in 2011, AEG introduced AXS a comprehensive entertainment platform serving as the company’s primary consumer brand including AXS Ticketing which provides fans the opportunity to purchase tickets directly from their favorite venues via a user-friendly ticketing interface, and the AXS TV network. For additional information, visit

Middlesbrough Football Club will transform the Riverside Stadium this season – installing a game-changing integrated digital platform designed to radically enhance the matchday experience and create powerful new commercial opportunities for club partners. 

The club has appointed digital venue specialists ADI to consult on the project, who will work with them to deliver a long term digital strategy to transform the stadium experience and revolutionise the way the club and its partners interact with fans throughout every stage of the match day.

The result will see ADI install a stadium-wide digital platform which, at its heart, will be a first in world football – a 360° dual sided digital perimeter LED system. Surrounding all four sides of the pitch, the revolutionary digiBOARD system will feature a crowd-facing digital display capable of serving live match stats and social media content to entertain and inform fans throughout the game.

The new display will form part of a wider digital transformation – creating a powerful cross-channel communications platform to engage fans with compelling content.

Each digital channel, including the stadium LED screen, perimeter system, and a network of new displays, will seamlessly integrate to deliver exclusive programming, latest news, social medial, and unique StatZone content to fans throughout the Riverside.

Content will be powered by Live Venue, ADI’s high speed fibre network, which connects the Riverside Stadium to the company’s Preston-based sports production hub. ADI’s experienced sports production team will be responsible for driving the content across every display in the stadium – delivering an immersive engagement-led experience for fans whilst creating huge commercial opportunities for the club’s partners.

Speaking of the development, Middlesbrough Football Club’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Ellis, said:

Having worked with ADI we know first-hand that they deliver the highest quality solutions and are leaders in their field. In addition to transforming the appearance of the stadium, the digital platform will offer incredible value for our sponsors whilst improving the experience for fans.
It is extremely important that we are able to commercially justify any investment in new technology. Working with ADI, we were able to develop a business model that will enable us to quickly generate a positive financial return and also provide a strong platform for future growth.


ADI’s, Chief Executive, Geraint Williams said:

We’re excited to be investing in a long-term relationship with Middlesbrough, through which we’ll share our expertise – delivering cutting edge stadium technology to create an engaging experience that delivers real value for the club, its fans and commercial partners.

The new platform will be unveiled at the Riverside Stadium on September 27th at the SkyBet Championship match versus Leeds United.




Otkrytije Arena invests in state-of-the-art broadcast & multimedia infrastructure

Comments Off on Otkrytije Arena invests in state-of-the-art broadcast & multimedia infrastructure

Broadcast Solutions GmbH successfully planned and delivered state-of-the-art broadcast and multimedia infrastructure to Otkrytije Arena, the new home of football club Spartak Moscow.

The arena should now be able to enable its investors to develop new revenue streams by using flexible and modern technology. Additionally, all  of technology had to be planned in compliance with FIFA regulations, as the stadium will be used as a host venue during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


The first event that took place in Otkrytije Arena was an opening football match in September 2014, which proved the worth of all systems. Furthermore, Broadcast Solutions analysed the investor’s needs and supported the planning team with its expertise when it came to entertainment, broadcast and multimedia solutions. Proposing a single media content management system, allowing maximum profit from advertisement and distribution throughout the whole arena. Meaning that all audio and video systems are managed by one multifunctional control centre.

Basic considerations in planning the stadium’s concept and profitability focused on the flexible use and distribution of all available multimedia content to available and future channels. This resulted in the construction of a combined broadcast and multimedia system under the management of one Media Control Room. The TV broadcast infrastructure includes 4K, HD-pre-cabling with 37 camera positions, 8 TV Studios, supplied press area, mixed area, flash interview area, commentary positions, and an equipped TV compound with stadium termination panels.

All multimedia systems are managed in phase, including the giant LED video screens, LED pitch perimeter, public address audio system, mobile TV, as well as Social Media.

The eight channels of stadium TV, together with the Digital Signage, are distributed throughout any combination of screens and zones to 170 LCD screens within the arena. A crucial part of the job was the consultancy on multimedia workflows and content distribution during all stages of the project, enabling the customer to gain new revenue streams.

The Media Control Room offers workplaces for editing and inserting extra messaging from sponsoring partners, which can be displayed over all distribution channels. Possible locations for individualised content delivery could be waiting areas, catering, VIP lounges, info-points or commentary stations. Additionally, visitors have access to selective content via an implemented Wi-Fi network serving up to 20,000 simultaneous logins. The feeding of Spartak Moscow’s several online and social media channels is also handled by the Media Control Room.

During planning and implementation of the complete multimedia infrastructure, Broadcast Solutions complied with the premises of FIFA for World Cup stadia.

Within a short construction period, the stadium was built as a football arena with the latest broadcast and multimedia infrastructure, thus offering completely new possibilities for the visitor experience and revenue streams. In addition, all broadcast and multimedia technology was planned and built in compliance with FIFA regulations. Broadcast Solutions offered its knowledge in terms of consultancy and implementation of the latest broadcast and multimedia technology.

Otkrytije Arena benefits from maximum flexibility, enabling the location to be ready for all future developments in sports event technology.

Imagine never having to search for your vehicle in a car park/parking lot ever again, never having to queue up or being held up in traffic. Imagine that the turf itself sends out a signal to switch on the sprinklers if it needs watering or nutrients. And imagine just one single app on your smartphone to provide access to all relevant information about your environment. All of these innovations form part of the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center that was officially opened on 1 June 2015 by Alderwoman of Amsterdam, Kajsa Ollongren.

The opening ceremony of the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center marked the kick-off of Amsterdam Smart City Week, a four-day event that highlights innovations in the field of mobility, accessibility, energy, sustainability, connectivity and fan experience. This dedicated week was an initiative of Amsterdam Smart City, the open innovation platform of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, which challenges companies, residents, the municipality and knowledge institutions to submit and apply innovative ideas and solutions to urban challenges.

Alderwoman Ollongren commented:

Amsterdam ArenA is a trendsetter in the area of smart innovations. This leads to creative solutions to metropolitan issues, including mobility, waste management, energy and connectivity, which is excellent news for the metropolitan region of Amsterdam.

Henk Markerink, CEO, Amsterdam ArenA added:

The Amsterdam ArenA has the ambition to be one of the world’s most innovative stadiums. Innovation is in our DNA. We invented the interactive turf here. The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Centre is a platform open for everyone. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that we welcome the new Innovation Center to our stadium.

Football with a sensor

The new Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center is more than just a place where smart technological inventions are born and showcased; it is the laboratory where they are tested as well. Football players can be tracked using tags and a network of sensors in the ArenA, showing their every move to an amazingly minute degree of detail, and even revealing their heart rates to the trainer or coach.

Innovation Deal

The purpose of the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center is to generate and implement innovations for a smart Southeast District of Amsterdam. It is intended to develop into the most important knowledge and innovation centre of the Netherlands in terms of smart, sustainable cities. In 2014, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam ArenA signed an Innovation Deal. The official opening of the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center is a concrete result of this deal. All innovations are tested for application in and around the stadium and the Southeast District of Amsterdam by the ArenA and their partners.

Subsequently, these inventions can be applied on a large scale in the entire metropolitan region, for instance where innovations are concerned in the field of traffic and transport, such as City Wi-Fi and intelligent cameras.


The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center is to develop into a centre where the best companies work together to develop innovative solutions for smart, sustainable cities. Organisations including Huawei, KPN, TNO (the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and the Municipality of Amsterdam have all promised their support and set up offices in the new centre.

The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Centre welcomes and makes space available for other innovative companies and start-ups as well. The new centre offers a haven of cooperation and knowledge exchange. A commitment to this goal is required of all those who wish to set up their business or office here. Furthermore, the ‘hardware’ has been given specific attention as well: the centre is equipped with supercomputers with enormous computational capacity for the companies that are located here to test all kinds of new inventions.

Amazing Mondays

During the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, Markerink launched the first ‘Amazing Monday’ – on the first Monday of every month, someone shares an idea or innovation with the other companies of the ArenA laboratory, the Living Lab. Anyone who is excited by the idea can join in immediately. In the Living Lab, innovations are continuously refined and tested at special events. KPN, for instance, is currently testing a network of sensors to help visitors locate their cars in the car park.

Shortly, visitors to the ArenA and the Southeast District of Amsterdam will receive information on their smartphones about their environment by means of a temporary app, as Markerink explained:

As soon as you enter the ArenA, this app will automatically start loading useful information. And the moment you leave the stadium, the app will start loading other data that are relevant to your location.

In tandem with the Smart City conference, Amsterdam Smart City organised the Appsterdam Smart City Challenge. During this hackathon, app developers, students and designers will be challenged to create intelligent solutions to various issues and problems in the area of energy, mobility and the stadium itself.



Leicester City Football Club roll out financial management solution

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The Premier League’s Leicester City Football Club (LCFC) has implemented a new business management solution from Access Group. This comes as the Club looks to increase availability of management information, the ability to impose controls and improve visibility around spending.

LCFC will implement Access Dimensions & FocalPoint to offer a strong management system with multi-site benefits.

Kevin Davies, Financial Controller for Leicester City Football Club, explained:

As Access Group’s solution was already in place at other top flight football and rugby clubs they were able to demonstrate that they understood how our type of business operates and what demands we face. Better still we were able to visit one of these clubs, see the system in operation and discuss with our counterparts. The reassurance afforded us the confidence to know we were choosing the right solution for LCFC.

LCFC is to improve the visibility of live purchasing commitments and actual spend compared to budget. This includes the electronic approval of purchase requests and invoices by relevant budget holders including full visibility of transactions at any stage.

Davies added:

We will benefit from improved reporting capability, for example the analysis of numerous parameters such as fixture or event profitability, analysis of capital spend on a project by project basis and the ability to report on the data in a variety of ways, board packs, graphical reports and dashboards.

The new solution includes a document management system, which will improve previous manual systems and the ability to analyse purchase spend by product types and suppliers. This will all contribute to the Club’s visibility and traceability of transactions, including drill down functionality.

Davies concluded:

The integration of Dimensions and FocalPoint software allows us to configure many different workflows of varying complexity. This allows the Club to configure a system to work the way they need it to, enabling the business to achieve key objectives from the implementation. The functionality of FocalPoint as a web-based solution allowed us to roll out a great deal to non-finance personnel in a controlled way that is efficient from a licensing point of view.

EVS delivers first-ever multisport MULTICAM second-screen experience at SEA Games 2015

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Organisers of the 28th SEA Games, Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC), have partnered with EVS, the leading provider of live video solutions, to deliver an end-to-end multimedia production service for the upcoming multisport event held in Singapore, June 5 to 16. The service includes a cloud-based second-screen delivery platform for multimedia content distributed to mobile devices.

During the tournament, viewers will be able to watch live games and near-live multicam clips from the new SEA Games app, supporting Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Developed in partnership with NETCO SPORTS, the app will feature content from all 36 sports at the SEA Games, including swimming, boxing, rugby, cycling and table tennis, to name just a few. This is the first time such an extensive multimedia delivery platform has been built for a major multi-sport event with the multicam experience.

The live multimedia production system provided by EVS enables real-time ingest, multicam editing and metadata enrichment of live content, allowing to produce hundreds of hours of sports coverage for a worldwide audience. In addition to ingest, clipping and storage capabilities provided by the XT3 server and IPDirector asset management, EVS’ cloud-based service C-Cast solution connects with the on-site production infrastructure, enabling delivery of the live, near-live content to mobile devices. Through the app, viewers will be able to select and view multiple live games as well as on-demand replays and highlights with multicam experience.

Thomas Lim, Head of the Information Operations Centre, SINGSOC, said:

When planning an event like the SEA Games, preparation time always seems short and the speed required by facilities always high. The decision to engage EVS technology into our broadcast facilities helped us alleviate those issues and concentrate on new innovations. When we planned on building a multimedia platform for the Games, we knew EVS’ involvement would be vital.

Olivier Heurteaux, SVP APAC at EVS, added:

Our C-Cast technology is quickly becoming instrumental to many live broadcast events as more and more organisations want to deliver content to its mobile audiences. Since the FIFA World Cup 2014, millions of viewers are increasingly expecting to be able to watch major sports events on their smartphones or tablets, and C-Cast is the most advanced platform that enables media rights holders to do that.

The Singapore Sports Hub will once again play host to our annual ‘live’ event for sports venue design/build, operation, management, fit-out and technology, Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific, which will take place in the Hub’s Indoor Arena, September, 28-30.

Wigan Warriors lead the charge

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Wigan Warriors, arguably the most successful club in Rugby League history, has selected a hosted CRM-based solution from leading Sports CRM partner m-hance Limited.

The solution, m-hance SHL360, is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and designed for professional sports clubs and associations. As existing Dynamics users, Wigan Warriors were searching for more than just another CRM solution. Deployment was also a key factor behind the decision-making process for the club. The flexibility of m-hance SHL360 means it can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Driven by a need for added reliability and low set-up costs, Wigan Warriors were keen to utilise a managed service offering from m-hance.

Simon Collinson, Marketing Director of Wigan Warriors, commented:

For us, it was just as important to find a reputable Microsoft Gold Partner with hosting capabilities, as it was to upgrade our current CRM system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. We needed to eliminate the risk of loss of data and pass that responsibility on to a reliable partner and their data centre.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 now available, Wigan Warriors were keen to use the new and innovative release as a platform for m-hance SHL360. The latest version of Dynamics CRM will be able to support the club with all things marketing; a single view of the relationship with each of Wigan Warriors’ supporters, sophisticated marketing campaign capability, e-marketing tools, and automated workflows. Improved Sales and Customer Service functionality will allow Marketing Director, Simon Collison, to enhance customer relationships.

Collinson continued:

Because organisations such as the RFU, FA, International Tennis Federation and Jockey Club are already with m-hance they were a straightforward choice for us. The initial outlay is fractional compared to on-premise offerings and a quick implementation, inclusive of maintenance and support, means we can concentrate on more strategic challenges.

A key challenge for the Super League club is consolidating data from third party systems such as Ticketmaster, Fortress, Netsuite Retail and Wigan TV (the club’s online streaming service). m-hance’s integration suite reduces complexity while increasing resilience and makes all data accessible in SHL360 through robust data interchange controls. The same solution performs tight data deduplication and validation processes.

Collinson noted:

With 130,000 supporters, the amount of data we had to try to manipulate from different providers made it very hard to draw out meaningful information about our customer base. Now this has been integrated by m-hance, personalised offers can be communicated effectively. m-hance’s experience with Sports and Leisure integrations positioned them well for this aspect of the project.

Ultimately, providing greater insight into customers’ interactions with the club means Wigan Warriors can bring data to life analytics, data segmentation and match-by-match or merchandise sales metrics. Simon and his team can now focus on increasing supporter engagement and utilising capacity for additional events throughout the year.
Commenting on the project, Steve Driscoll, CEO at m-hance said:

We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious Super League club and are really looking forward to seeing the benefits that can be achieved for Wigan Warriors with our innovative SHL360 solution. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with the club.

About Wigan Warriors

Wigan Warriors Rugby League Football Club is one of the most famous and successful sports clubs in the world. The club has grown from humble beginnings into one of the giants of British sport. With the biggest fan base in the country, the magnificent DW Stadium, world-class training facilities and backing from some of Europe’s most successful businesses, Wigan Warriors are truly a Club in the ascendancy. The Warriors also have a ground-breaking community development department, which touches the lives of over 30,000 individuals per year throughout Wigan and the surrounding areas. For further information, go to:

About m-hance

m-hance are a Microsoft Gold partner with over 20 years of experience in delivering value through Microsoft Dynamics solutions to over 800 direct customers from their offices in the UK, Ireland, India and the US. As a Microsoft Development Partner, they further ‘m-hance’ Microsoft solutions through approved integrated software solutions that recognise and meet individual business needs within their chosen markets.
For more information, go to:

Japan’s top professional Football League installs ChyronHego TRACAB™ player tracking system

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ChyronHego’s industry-leading technology delivers up-to-the-second player tracking data for team analysis and fan enjoyment.

ChyronHego announced this week that the J.League, the top division of the Japan Professional Football League, has rolled out the ChyronHego TRACAB™ to provide advanced player tracking capabilities for all 18 J.League teams and venues. TRACAB will cover more than 300 J.League matches during the current Japanese football season, which launched March 3.

A joint project of the J.League, J.League Media Promotion, and Japanese sports data collection and analysis firm Data Stadium, the TRACAB deployment uses ChyronHego’s patented image processing technology to identify the position and speed of all moving objects on the pitch, including players, officials and the ball. An array of portable optical cameras installed at the pitch captures live and highly accurate X, Y, and Z coordinates of each viewable object at up to 25 times each second. Data Stadium supplies this data to J.League teams to help them analyse player speed, ball movement, distance between players and other key factors that can help improve player and overall team performance. The data can also be used to enhance the viewing experience for fans in the stadium, as well as broadcast and online audiences, enabling real-time animation that precisely recreates player movements for “instant virtual replays”.

Takao Konishi, President of J.League Media Promotion, said:

After the success of our early deployments at select J.League venues, we’ve concluded that ChyronHego’s TRACAB is the industry’s most comprehensive and non-intrusive real-time player tracking system. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to roll this system out to the entire J.League ecosystem.

The TRACAB installation presents an exciting new revenue opportunity for the J.League, as new groups of stakeholders — such as sponsors, broadcasters, and other media — discover the data’s potential for enhancing fans’ experience. Plus, the player tracking data is invaluable for football clubs and coaches looking to boost their own team performance and gain insight into their competing teams, as well as player scouting activities, both here in Japan and internationally.

In addition to the J.League, TRACAB is installed in over 125 arenas and is used in more than 2,000 matches per year by the Swedish Premier Football League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and many more sports federations around the world.

Ian Wray, Sports Industry Director for ChyronHego, commented:

Our TRACAB technology spans almost a decade of continued development and deployment in some of the world’s most demanding live sports environments. The J.League deployment illustrates just how versatile TRACAB can be, not only for providing performance data to sports clubs but also as a potential new revenue stream for a variety of stakeholders. It’s exciting to watch this technology mature and grow as the defining standard in live sports tracking worldwide.

For further information on ChyronHego, please visit:

Photo Caption: Japan’s Professional Football League, J.League, rolls out ChyronHego TRACAB™ system.

Southend United FC supporters score with cloud-based ticketing system

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Southend United Football Club (Southend) has chosen TALENT Sport, the ecommerce platform from Advanced Ticketing (Advanced), following a rigorous tender process involving numerous software providers.

Southend selected TALENT Sport for its reputation in delivering an excellent online purchasing experience for fans. This will ensure the club is positioned at the forefront of UK football clubs by offering supporters choice, flexibility and enjoyable ways to engage online with the club. The system will go live this summer, ready for the start of 2015-2016 football season.

TALENT Sport, which will be hosted in the cloud, will mirror the branding on Southend’s website to offer an integrated online purchasing journey. Fans will benefit from a fully responsive web experience, allowing them multiple transaction choices when purchasing tickets, from any device. Ticket staff will operate TALENT Sport using a browser user interface giving them greater flexibility and access to real-time back office information.

Steve Kavanagh, CEO at Southend United FC, said:

Offering our supporters an excellent experience remains at the top of our priorities and the decision to choose Advanced is a strategic part of delivering against this commitment. TALENT Sport has an established base in football and the wider sport market and we visited many of its customers operating in similar environments to us.

Our board is confident that our fans will now benefit from a fast, reliable and flexible journey online. Fans can now purchase from any device, whenever and wherever they are, which we see at the first step towards operating a ticket-less stadium environment in the future.

Advanced will deliver the cloud-based solution from its UK-based hosting facility, which operates a 24-7 private cloud service guaranteeing first-rate levels of uptime and performance.

Kavanagh added:

Hosting our commerce operations in the cloud is part of the board’s goal to be at the forefront of technology changes. Advanced’s focus on cloud-based technology was an important factor in choosing to partner with them. At an operational level, a cloud-based hosted solution removes reliance on IT staff at our end which enables us to streamline our processes and free up staff to do what we do best – running a football club.

The club will also use TALENT Sport for CRM, allowing it to analyse supporter data and engage with fans in a more tailored way through its campaigns to reward loyalty with relevant offers and promotions. The solution will also integrate the purchasing of corporate hospitality in the future, replacing its current disparate purchasing system.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director of Advanced Ticketing, noted:

We are delighted to engage with the most senior decision makers at Southend United Football Club to develop a shared technology vision. The solution will allow the club to transform the way supporters can engage with them. We know that the new ‘connected fan’ is always on the look-out for their clubs to adopt new technology and we’re excited to work with Southend to help them bring their vision to life.


Ticketing & Access Control for stadia, arenas & major sporting events will feature in our forthcoming Q2/Summer ’15 edition of PanStadia & Arena Management. If your company would be interested in inclusion, please contact the Editor, Katie McIntyre on Tel: +353 (0) 44 9335212 or via email at:


Image details: A general view of Roots Hall Stadium, home of Southend United – Roots Hall Stadium, Southend – 22/07/11 – Mandatory Credit: Pixel8 Photos/David Scriven – +44(0)7734 151429 – – NO UNPAID USE.

Eintracht Stadium fitted out with video equipment exclusively from Dallmeier

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The video system at the 25,000-capacity Eintracht Stadium in Braunschweig has been completely modernised using equipment exclusively from Dallmeier. The heart of the installation, the unique Panomera® multifocal sensor technology, provides security for both the home and visiting fan areas.

Eintracht Stadium’s entire video system needed to be updated as part of a general modernisation programme to create a state-of-the-art venue. For almost two-and-a-half years, the Stadium’s operating company, Stadthalle Braunschweig, conducted a thorough investigation of the subject and tested the systems offered by several different manufacturers. In the end, the Panomera® multifocal sensor technology from Dallmeier emerged as the leader. And now, the video experts from Regensburg are supplying the entire video system – from cameras to recording to management.

Challenge for the cameras

In order to ensure security for the visiting and home fan areas, Panomera® multifocal sensor technology is used. This unique camera technology, patented by Dallmeier, is unlike single sensor cameras in that it uses several lenses, each with a different focal length, as Roland Meier, Head of Panomera® Multifocal Sensor Systems at Dallmeier and also in charge of the project in Braunschweig, explained:

This makes it possible to monitor large expanses and distances from just a single location – in real time and uniform picture resolution, excellent dynamic response and consistent depth of focus.

For as security management soon realised, Eintracht Stadium posed a real challenge for cameras. Not only because the running track significantly increases distances to the spectators, but also because the light conditions made it practically impossible for conventional cameras to operate effectively.

Marcus Meyer, Technical Director of Stadthalle Braunschweig Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, commented:

There is a space between the stand and the roof, which allows light into the stadium but creates a very difficult situation for many cameras, as we discovered in the course of our test.

However, with the Panomera® system each sensor defines its own contrast, white balance and exposure. This in turn enables significantly more effective dynamic range and unrivalled picture quality over the entire scene – even with widely varying light conditions within the same image.

Besides Panomera®, other high-resolution PTZ cameras by Dallmeier have also been installed, particularly to safeguard the areas around the outside of the stadium.

Video data is recorded on Dallmeier VideoIP appliances. These recording systems are well known for their unsurpassed quality and reliability. RAID 6 and redundant power supplies guarantee the highest possible level of recording availability. Image material from the system has received an LGC Forensics certification, which means that it can be used as evidence in court.

Intuitive management

For managing the system, operators can make use of multiple Panomera® Viewing Clients and the SeMSy® management software with joystick. SeMSy® is a high-performance, future-oriented video management system designed with maximum operator convenience in mind. It offers an extensive suite of functions covering live image display, a wide variety of search functions in the recorded material, control of the PTZ cameras and even simple archiving of sequences of interest.

Armin Gallus, a member of the crisis management team with the Braunschweig police, is enthusiastic about the system, as he advised:

One of the most important features for us is that the entire scene is recorded without interruption. This means that if something does happen, we can look for it in the recordings at any time. And the resolution of the cameras is really impressive, not only live but also in the recordings. That is critical for us, because it means we have evidence which we can use to identify and detain offenders.

The stadium's entire video

The entire video system at the 25,000-capacity Eintracht Stadium has been completely modernised using Dallmeier equipment exclusively.

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier has at its disposal more than 30 years of experience in transmission, recording, as well as picture processing technology and is an outstanding pioneer of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. This profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software and high quality recorder and camera technologies, enabling Dallmeier to not only offer stand-alone systems, but complete network solutions up to large-scale projects with perfectly integrated components.

Right from the beginning, the company has always focused on their own innovative developments and highest quality and reliability. Dallmeier is the only manufacturer in Germany that develops and manufactures all of its own components; this includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis, and even individually adjusted management systems.

Over the years, Dallmeier has repeatedly given fresh impetus to the market with new developments and extraordinary innovations. The world’s first DVR for example, which introduced digital recording to the entire CCTV industry, came from Dallmeier. The multifocal sensor system Panomera® will have a similarly groundbreaking effect: This unique and novel camera technology will revolutionise the market and open up completely new possibilities to the video security industry. This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP field have led to a top position in the international market for digital video surveillance systems.

For further information, please visit: and


Dallmeier will once again be an official sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s must-attend event, the Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 conference & exhibition, where it will showcase its latest technologies.


Images courtesy: Polytan