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Tampere Central Arena awaits final budget approval

Final approval is expected later this year on the €124m proposal to build the Tampere Central Arena in Finland. The plan is to build a new multi-functional arena, which will be above the railway, located south from Sori bridge, near both Tampere railway and bus station. The Sori bridge and the Arena will be connected to each other by a deck that will include both business premises and apartment buildings.

The Arena will be the new home for the city’s two professional ice hockey teams – Ilves and Tappara – and its flexible design will allow for the hosting of other sporting events, as well as non-sporting events. It is expected that 54% of the venue’s revenue will come from ice hockey, with the remainder to come from other sporting and cultural events. Besides ice hockey there will be concerts, other sport events, ice shows, figure skating, fairs and much more.

The Arena will feature 50 luxury suites/executive boxes, parking for 700 cars, 2,500sqm of conferencing space, and a range of restaurants. There will also be a training arena connected to the actual Arena. It is planned that Ilves and Tappara will use the new facility as their ‘home’ and have their offices and fan shops in the Arena, which will be managed by operating company Tampereen Keskusareena, established for the project by the stakeholders, which includes the site owner, TKK (Tampere Central Arena Real Estate).

Designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind, the Arena makes up part of the larger, mixed-use Tampere Deck project, which includes offices, hotels, apartments and much more.

Tampere Central Arena, part of the wider Tampere Deck project. Images courtesy: Studio Daniel Libeskind.

Tampere Central Arena, part of the wider Tampere Deck project. Images courtesy: Studio Daniel Libeskind.

The project is being managed by Tampere Central Arena Ltd and NCC-company. The cooperation with the City of Tampere, VR (the national railway company) and Trafi are essential for the project to come to reality. As experts in their fields, the project team has heard from Oy VR-Rata Ab, Ramboll Finland Oy, Sport and Live Vision, J.R.A Consulting, Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy, Deloitte, Ilves-Hockey Oy and Tamhockey Oy.

Tampere Central Arena is owned by Ilves-Hockey, Tamhockey, Kirves Sijoitus Oy and Arena Holding Tampere Oy, each holding an equal share. For the two ice hockey teams, the new Arena will give new possibilities to develop their activities and expand the possibilities to attract new supporters.

The city will put €22.4m towards the building costs, with €91m to come from private investors of which €50m will be financed through long term loans. The construction time is planned to be three years, with completion aimed for 2017.

Tero Estovirta, head of NCC Property Development in Tampere, said:

This project is so important for the image of Tampere City that this kind of investment is justified.

Daniel Libeskind added:

What a fantastic opportunity to work in Tampere on an urban scale. Given the extraordinary history of modern architecture in Finland, it is a particular challenge and opportunity to extend that tradition into the 21st century.