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Temple University selects Moody Nolan to take forward new stadium

Curtis J. Moody

Temple University has selected the architecture firm Moody Nolan to lead design of a proposed on-campus football stadium and identify future opportunities for retail in the multipurpose project.

Moody Nolan has special expertise in collegiate athletics and recreation and has completed projects for over 100 universities throughout the country, most recently at DePaul, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, the University of Chicago and Vanderbilt. Founded by President and CEO Curtis J. Moody, Moody Nolan is the largest African-American owned and managed architecture firm in the United States.

Temple President Neil D. Theobald said:

Moody Nolan is regarded as a national leader in designing beautiful sports and recreation facilities that not only fit their purpose but also fit the communities in which they exist. We are excited to partner with such an outstanding architectural firm.

Moody Nolan is collaborating with AECOM, a multinational engineering design firm, and Langan, a civil engineering and landscape design firm. Moody Nolan is also leading the design of a student recreation building that would be adjacent to the retail and stadium complex, envisioned for the site bounded by Broad Street, Norris Street, 16th Street and Montgomery Avenue.

Moody stated:

We look forward to working together with Temple University and the surrounding community. Creating a vibrant and cohesive streetscape experience that blends together the planned stadium, the significant retail components, the adjacent indoor recreation facility and various pedestrian plaza and green spaces will be a significant part of the evolution of the overall design strategy.”

Moody Nolan has already held meetings with nearby residents to start the engagement process with the community about initial steps related to design.

Temple University Q&A with Curtis J. Moody about community engagement

Can you tell us why community engagement is such a critical component for Moody Nolan projects?

Community engagement is critical to establish a relationship with the people of the area affected by the project. It is a process and takes time. During this time you begin to understand all points view and the ‘why’ behind concerns. The goal is to be up front and share what’s going on, look for synergies and create a solution that works for as many people as possible.

You are already meeting with local residents in small groups. Why is the small-group format beneficial?

Smaller groups allow for better and more in-depth discussions. It also allows time to actually connect with people during meetings.

What are common concerns you’re hearing?

Traffic concerns have been expressed, and that is fairly typical of urban campus environments. Issues related to noise, trash and parking have also been raised.

Moody Nolan is highly regarded for designing facilities that respond to the communities in which they exist. How does your firm accomplish that?

As with any design process, it should start by listening and doing your homework to truly understand the situation. This intangible information, coupled with over 30 years of such design experience, leads to a more informed solution. We have completed projects all over the country and can tell you that each one has its own unique situations and solution.

You just have to keep talking and moving forward.