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The IOC Executive Board approves Tokyo 2020 Cycling Venues

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee confirmed this week that it was “pleased to learn that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board approved the venues for the Cycling events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”.

With the spirit of the Olympic Agenda 2020 and a strong focus on the post-Games legacy, the Track events have been relocated from the originally planned temporary velodrome at Ariake to the existing Izu Velodrome (pictured).

The Mountain Bike events have been relocated from the originally planned temporary course in the Sea Forest venue to the existing Izu Mountain Bike Course. The events will be staged with the spectacular Mount Fuji as a backdrop.

The BMX events will take place at the temporary Olympic BMX Course in Ariake, as originally specified in the Candidature File.

The Road Races and Time Trials will take place in the city of Tokyo. The finish line for the Road Races has been relocated to the Imperial Palace Garden in a change to the originally indicated finish line at the Musashino Forest Park. With this change, both the start and finish lines for these events will be located at the Imperial Palace Garden.

Tokyo 2020 CEO, Toshiro Muto, said:

The Japan Cycle Sports Centre is located in Izu, and is the centre of cycling not only in Japan, but across the whole of Asia. We believe this location constitutes the optimal choice of venue from a wide range of perspectives: including the Athlete Experience, maximum use of existing venues, post-Games legacies, and for the future development of the sport of Cycling in Japan and across Asia.

Tokyo 2020 conducted a review of its venue plan in line with the recommendations adopted in the Olympic Agenda 2020. Particular attention has been given to the perspectives of legacy, the impact of venue development on the citizens of Tokyo and Japan, and minimising venue construction costs. The relocation of the Track and Mountain Bike events to the Izu venue results in savings of approximately ten billion yen (USD 100 million).

All sports – with the exception of Football – have now been allocated competition venues. The venues specified in the Candidature File for the Football events remain unchanged, and, as for previous Games, a final decision for the Football venues is expected to be made following the Rio 2016 Games.


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