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Turf being laid at Perth Stadium

The first 10 metre rolls of hybrid turf have been successfully laid as the new Perth Stadium continues to take shape.

Some 18,000m2 of grass will be installed at the 60,000-seat stadium, which is scheduled to open early next year.

A perimeter of synthetic grass, providing a buffer between the playing surface and stands, will also be laid.

The stabilised natural turf has been grown at a local turf farm in Serpentine and included daily soil monitoring and testing.

Turf was harvested from the turf farm in 10 metre long x 1 metre wide sections and delivered to site. It was rolled out onto the playing surface within 18 hours of harvesting and consolidated in place by a three tonne roller.

Five growlight rigs will be used as part of the turf maintenance program. These will be positioned on the northern portion of the playing surface during the winter months when sufficient natural light is not available.

Replacement turf will be available and maintained off site to respond to the demands of Perth Stadium.

The playing surface will be protected when concerts are held or when drop-in seats are used for rectangular events.

Hamish Sutherland, managing director of HG Sports Turf which designed and constructed the sports field for Perth Stadium, said:

If you put loads on it, like during a concert, it will support those loads but if a concert damages the grass, for instance if they decide to cover the grass for one or two weeks, we are able to roll this grass up and put some new grass in.