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UEFA and the Euro 2020 at the heart of the Soccerex European Forum

Soccerex European Forum will host discussion about Euro 2020 cities and stadiums.

Soccerex European Forum will host discussion about Euro 2020 cities and stadiums.

The landmark decision from the UEFA Executive Committee to expand the hosting of the 2020 UEFA European Championships by awarding the rights to stage a tournament game to a total 13 cities has significant repercussions for the European football industry. With 13 different venues being used, the stadia industry is particularly affected and across the continent stadia will be redeveloped and facilities improved as they look to secure their role in the 2020 tournament.

The Soccerex European Forum conference agenda will develop this subject during the ‘What Does it Mean to be a Football City’ panel, which will tackle the benefits that can be reaped by hosting major football properties, from job creation to tourism boost including the importance of offering their population prime entertainment. A significant portion of this will revolve around the stadiums and how they can enhance the profile of a city and the experience of viewing a match.

This situation reflects the growing trend that cities are using football as a major commercial and promotional vehicle and are more and more interested in the financial and social benefits of hosting major sporting events and associating with the collective sporting consciousness. Manchester, the city that has hosted the Soccerex European Forum over the last three years and which will see Soccerex’s flagship event, the Global Convention, taking place from 2014 to 2017, is a good case in point, being widely associated with its football clubs and fans and through them with excellence and passion.

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