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Ungerboeck Software releases version 20.8

Ungerboeck Software – the global leader in flexible, comprehensive event and venue management software – has announced the release of version 20.8.
Based on industry expertise, collaboration with clients and insight from the sales process, functionality and usability enhancements have been made to several key portions of the software, including events and booking, registration, administration and exhibitions. More than 550 enhancements across the board combine to offer significant increases in overall efficiency, security and software accessibility.
Ungerboeck Software CEO, Krister Ungerboeck, said:

Each new release improves the user experience and value for our clients. Version 20.8 continues that, but on a much larger scale. The system has never been faster, easier-to-use or more productive.

Continuing a 30 year tradition of providing event professionals with a best-in-class software solution built around industry best practices, v 20.8 gives users increased flexibility to manage daily tasks and configure complex processes with the same degree of ease.
Ungerboeck Product Management Director, Michael Johnson, commented:

You can see these kinds of changes most clearly in the online registration process. Processing a special request doesn’t require any more effort now than it takes to collect basic information.

Version 20.8 also takes a major step forward in mobile compatibility and accessibility, improving the user experience with responsive design and increased access to functionality from any device, anywhere. Adding or editing account information, searching for availability and booking spaces or adding service orders can now be accomplished as easily on your mobile device as it is on your desktop.

Of particular interest to the exhibition organizer market, v 20.8 begins the process of creating a more seamless user experience with the client-facing portions of the software.

Previously distinct areas within the system have been connected to allow exhibitors to complete applications, manage documents, submit orders and make payments in one central location, as Johnson explained:

We’ve made it a priority to tailor some of the market-specific pieces of the software very tightly to the unique needs and demands of their industry. That’s a theme you’ll continue to see over the next several releases.

Version 20.8 became available to current and future clients as of February 25, 2015. The final update for 2015 is tentatively scheduled for release in mid-July.
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