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Upcoming feature on the most eagerly-anticipated sports venue openings of 2015-17

If you are a venue owner/operator or an architect/engineer/contractor working on a sports venue project opening within the next 6-24 months that might excite our 20,000+ industry professional readers and which you would like to be considered for inclusion in our ‘Looking Forward: the most eagerly-anticipated venue openings’ feature, then please email the Editor, Katie McIntyre, at:

This feature will appear in our forthcoming Q1 edition (formerly known as our Spring issue) of PanStadia & Arena Management magazine that will be published March 20.

Please initially supply a brief project synopsis, including the slated opening date and the venue’s capacity, and note that we will need at least 1x hi-res JPG format CGI image to accompany the final text.

For further information, contact Katie McIntyre via email or Tel: +353 (0) 44 9335212.