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Venue capacity with social distancing – webinar

As sports events start up again in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, albeit behind closed doors, stadia and arena operators are looking at how to get fans back into their venues.

What will be the new norm and how many fans will they be able to allow into the seating bowl?

Paul Foster, crowd management advisor to five Olympic Games, has arranged a webinar on the subject.

He will take you through the OnePlan analysis tools to plan and deliver your stadium/arena for social distancing.

OnePlan provides advanced seating bowl capacity analysis which allows for your country’s social distancing requirements. The assessment is flexible to take account of various operational and commercial inputs and can be run multiple times to test various scenarios.

OnePlan’s advanced system takes into consideration each seat of your venue and different criteria you may have for each section for example prioritising occupancy or revenue depending on the ticketing strategy.

Demand for the social distancing stadia and arena assessment is extremely high.  If you are interested in having your stadium or arena seating bowl assessed please reach out to us at

Webinar: Stadium and arena capacity analysis for social distancing.

Friday 5th June – 1:30 PM – London time

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