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VTB Arena park wins Best Russian Project in the MIPIM 2014 awards

The VTB Arena park project has been named the Best Russian Project in the recent MIPIM 2014 awards. NB: This project is featured in the latest Spring 2014 edition of PanStadia & Arena Management magazine.


This project includes the entire reconstruction and refurbishment of Dynamo Central Stadium and its surrounds. The resulting complex will be an outstanding example of an innovative approach to the arrangement of sport, entertainment, living and working space in a metropolis environment.


Speaking on the project’s mission, Mr. Andrei N. Peregoudov, Senior Vice President of JSC VTB Bank, Director General of CJSC “Management Company” Dynamo, and VTB Arena park project director, said:

The all-embracing idea of a healthy lifestyle for city dwellers with the chance to live a life worth living in the very heart of the capital, is the basis for the integrated city ensemble concept. The complex being created composes elements that ‘shape’ the city ensemble. These elements are unique in terms of functionality, and are the ideal combination of architectural solutions. The residential area, historic park, office buildings, hotel, sports academy, renovated small arena, and revitalised stadium will all be interconnected by retail areas.


Lead design of VTB Arena park’s Sport Facilities, David Manica, of MANICA Architecture added:

The formula for combining sport venues with commercial entertainment developments is certainly a well-accepted and proven recipe for success. But never before has an outdoor stadium, an indoor arena, and a retail entertainment district been combined into one building as a singular structure. And, with VTB Arena park’s location immediately adjacent to a larger integrated commercial and hospitality development, makes the future synergies even more exciting. I believe this project will change the way people think about the potential of sport, entertainment, and commercial developments.

The Manica-designed stadium is part of the overall VTB Arena park project.

The Manica-designed stadium is part of the overall VTB Arena park project.