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Water Cube renovated for Beijing 2022

The renovation of China’s National Aquatics Centre – the Water Cube – has been completed, making it the first venue ready for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

The Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office said renovation work involved construction, waterproofing, membrane maintenance and other engineering work, over an area of about 50,000m2.

One of the difficulties of the renovation was building a convertible structure and installing a detachable ice making system in the middle of the competition hall to form a curling field with four standard tracks, Xinhua news agency said.

After many rounds of tests, the plan of “water ice conversion” was successful, enabling conversion materials to be reused, and the transformation cost to be effectively reduced.

The venue has already launched “water ice conversion” for a second time and will be open to the public after ice production at the site is completed.

For the sustainable operation of the venue, the “Water Cube” also uses the underground space of South Square to construct two pieces of ice.

One is a standard rink and the other is a curling venue. It will be open to the public as a curling experience base in the central area of Beijing’s Olympic Park.

The Water Cube will be used for curling events at the Winter Olympic Games.